Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Ugh, winter

while jels is staying cool in tank tops and birks, i am busy layering up for the winter that wont leave. altho this winter has been leaps and bounds better than it was last year, i am still over winter and thinks it needs to move on. especially after having such nice weather last week! after the 6 inches of snow we got yesterday i am convinced winter thinks too highly of itself and wont just take the hint and leave already. but until then, i am lugging my uggs back out, and layering up in swiftlies. 

Monday, March 23, 2015

Get High.

I love these! CocoaPiqué High Times pants (cuffed, of course) and a CRB are perfect for my Monday craziness. I would have these pants in every color, but the texture really hides the pilling. The Black Cherry is divine, but linty pill city.  

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Ugg. It's only Thursday.

Wishing it was the weekend already! I am keeping my feet warm in my Uggs, and wearing my Pilcro jeans, CRB, and Gap tank. I have to wear real pants every once in a while. But let's be honest- I will probably have Lulu on by 4. 

Monday, March 16, 2015

Will I or Won't I ?

I finally had these Bordeaux Skinny Wills hemmed!!! I always cuff them, and this way I have less material bulking up my already bulky calves. I have 3 pair of this style, and I am kicking myself for missing out on 2 pair on eBay last week. Aaarrrgggg. A black pair went for $49 and a Herringbone $61! Such big problems.....

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Belly Band.

I love the wide and smooth waistband of these Runday crops! It creates a slight pull in the back, but I think that the overall fit is working pretty good. I wore my Violet and some deep blue crb ( I need coffee so badly right now), and it's one of my new favorite tanks. I cycle thru my crb collection, and I am always holding onto a few that I WILL NOT sell. This one is on that list. 
My store had a crazy happy hour sale this week! $19 bras, $29 shorts and tops, $39 jackets, and $49 crops and pants. I scored!!!! My crew and I decended and picked that rack clean!! It was just from 5-7, so not a lot of people knew about it. Do your stores ever do those? It was honestly better than the warehouse sale. 

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

wednesday, really?

all day i thought it was thursday. to the point where i was legitimately concerned that literally everyone on the block had forgotten it was garbage day. because of course it is much more plausible that everyone would forget to take out their garbage cans than for me to be off a day. sigh. but the weather has been absolutely beautiful so i cant complain! spring is finally here! fingers crossed it's here to stay. going to try and run with the double tomorrow. i have an 8k coming up in a few weeks and my training has been literally nonexistent. today i wore my skinny grooves and an ebb to street tank. i also threw on a cozy sweatshirt for playing outside on the swingset.

Monday, March 9, 2015

Out standing in a Field.

Took the kids on a little hike today and snapped this pic of my sis! Lulu, head to toe, per usual. Alberta lake Cocoa Pique WUP, Alberta Lake Fluffed Up vest, and LS Scoop swiftly in Pow Purple. I love when an outfit pairs colors and textures while also looking awesome and sporty! 
Good day.