Monday, March 2, 2015

The Cure for Seasonal Affective Disorder

Bam! Hello, Monday. 
I am greeting the week with lots of color, layering a Flash Daily tank over a Velvet one, and some neon Birks with my Alberta Lake Skinny Wills. I love fun and bright color combinations, and I think that if you're willing to shake up the boring old black/neutral palette that you'll feel 10 degrees warmer instantly! 

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Rolled Up, Cause My Calves Need to Breathe.

I got these Straight to Class pants a few weeks ago for $49, and I kinda love them. The seam down the back is so flattering, and the smooth waistband is so so nice! And because I have a problem with pants keeping my calves in a tight jail of fabric, I roll them. 
Paired with a Heathered Grey CRB, and Cageless Birds t shirt. 

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

105 Degrees of Bacon.

I'm gonna wash this 105 singlet and eBay it! I just don't love the billowy look for me. I adore this Bumbleberry color, especially with Split Pea! Too bad I missed out on the CRB. 
Here's a pic from our hike today- so so beautiful!! 

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

High Time to get going.

Bracing myself for a crazy week after a loooong weekend. I am ready to run with my High Times pants rolled up, Lullaby CRB, Sol Angeles top, and Saucony shoes. 
Do you guys ever watch those YouTube videos of women doing a Lululemon closet tour? I love those!!! If you have a favorite one please post a link in the comments. Mer and I dream of one day having the time and proper lighting to do one. For me, I think you'd all be amazed at how much lulu I've sold since we started blogging!! Really. I think the thing I've had the longest is my Muted Mauve CRB (4 years).  

Sunday, February 15, 2015

whats in your laundry basket?

sunday nights mean one thing: laundry. inbetween the bowls (yes, i meant plural) of popcorn and catching up on the dvr, its a night of trips to the shared laundry room. one thing i will never ever miss - sharing coin operated laundry with a building of tenants.  

my closet sees regular rotations. not only with buying and selling, but from the dramatic seasons we go through in the midwest. my regular staples this winter have been: high time pants, heart opener long sleeve, long sleeve swiftly (especially thicker sweater design one..why am i blanking on the name??), power y bra and 105 singlet. the last two for hot yoga. what have you been washing like crazy this winter??

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Hit me, baby.

I have been gone so long! Sorry. Two of my closest friends had babies 3 days apart, so I have been busy snuggling newborns. Not a bad gig. 
Today I wore my Skinny Wills in Bourdeaux, Billabong tank, and Birks. I have 2 pair of these pants and I nearly bought another pair today. They were all $59 and they had 5 colors on sale!! Gonna sleep on it. I want to get one pair hemmed to crops. I always wear mine rolled, so it might be nice to have some that are more finished looking. You know, for nice lunches and stuff. 

Monday, February 9, 2015

Monday Blues


Michael: The only cure I know for the Monday blues is “Varsity Blues.”

Pam: Movie Monday started with training videos. But we went through those pretty fast. Then we watched a medical video. Since then, it’s been half-hour installments of various movies, with the exception of an episode of Entourage, which Michael made us watch six times.


the office will always and forever be my favorite show. not denying that others arent equally my favorite, but the office is special. and can (and should) be quoted at every possible situation. 

ever since my 15 mile race im january my foot has been extremely sore and tender. i took a full month off and just recently started slowly easing back into some runs. during that month i really committed to yoga. it has been such a welcomed change of workout. i love love love it. friday they held an arm balance workshop. it was 90 minutes of practicing crazy inversions and having a fun time flowing with some new friends. since then i have been trying to improve on arm balancing poses. today i am wearing nike hoodie, lulu wunder unders with zippered ankles and a pair of nike pegasus shoes.