Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Ready to Run

Sometimes when I don't have a scheduled class or workout, I'll just dress for exercise and hope I can work it into the day. I am also looking for any reason to wear my Run Inspires in Wee Inkwell Stripe!! I love love these. I think that it's hard to find flattering non-black pants for my very muscular legs. I paired my pants with 2 CRBs (black swan and heathered menthol), Paris Pink Define jacket, and my Inkwell Flare All Sport Bra. Ready. Set. Go.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Tuesday of Fun

Today I treated my kids to the trifecta: toy store, burritos, and amazing ice cream! They were so happy. I love being able To stay at home with them.
I wore my new Inkwell Dance Studio Pants, Run Stuff your Bra in Flash/Wee Space Stripe, and Heathered Flash CRB. I really love flash, tho I know a lot of people weren't really feelin' it. I am all about the red/pink/coral/orange brights!! I can only do them in tops, as my sis made me sign a contract that I'd never wear red pants.

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Inkwells of Happiness

So yesterday, when the afternoon light was pouring into my bedroom, I tried on all of my Lulu pants. Oh. My.
I could see my underpants in 3 pair! Yikes. I called my friend who does bootcamp with me and she said that she had noticed that. Wonderful, since I probably do 200-300 squats a week.
So I took them to my lovely store in Santa Barbara, and the wonderful girls there took them back and let me choose new ones. Amazing!! I am thrilled to be seeing such a willing change in their customer service/exchange/QC, and it makes it even more of a joy to fritter away my dollars there.
I came home with 3 pair of Inkwell bottoms. Run Inspires, Dance Studio Pants, and Stills. I did the bend over test and passed it! So happy. You will be seeing these in my wardrobe very soon. I looked around at the merchandise in the store and I have to say that it made me feel very spring-y! I love all of the pinks, yellows, and greens. It makes me think of crocus, hyacinth, and all of the other first flowers of spring back in the Land of Lincoln.

Friday, March 22, 2013

Friday Fun

Today is beautiful out, and I am spending lots of time outside with my kids. My CRB tan line is OUT OF CONTROL! Thank goodness I am not in any weddings this year. Last summer I spent weeks trying to fade it!
CRB in Love Red Tonka Stripe
Ride On denim crop in black
All Sport Bra in inkwell/flare

I just have to say that my phone was ringing off the hook with friends and family wondering if I'd heard about Lulugate. So tired of hearing about it! Lulu has had sketchy quality assurance for quite a while, and I don't know why they chose this isolated incident to acknowledge it. I just want to be able to do squats without confirming to everyone around me that I do indeed wear granny undies.

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Shopping, Sweeping, and Schlepping

I am a sucker for color. Today I am wearing one of my favorite combos- Flare and Pigment Blue. I love any kind of orange, but I hardly like any blues! So when I do like one I make sure to grab it.
Here's the run down:
Flare CRB, Rose Herringbone Define jacket, Pique Groove pant, Heathered Pigment Blue infinity scarf.

Fact: I love orange so much that for the last 7 years I have only purchased orange purses.

My Closet Rotation, Jan-Feb

I love to shop. I also love to make money. As a stay at home mom, when I want to buy something new I want to be able to do so without affecting my family's finances too much. Enter, eBay. I am able to sell the things that I no longer want or need, and then purchase new things!! Woo hoo!
Here is a little glimps at what I've been buying and selling.
1. 105 Degree Singlet (didn't love the color)
2. Current Define Jacket (didn't match enough in my wardrobe)
3. Rose Quartz CRB (bought a size too big)
4. Run Inspire Crop (not in love with the fit)
5.  Grey Dance Studio Pant (felt like I was wearing scrubs)
6. Strike Tight (literally fell off me when I ran!)

1. Paris Pink Define (Listed as just "Pink Jacket", got a screaming deal)
2. Run Full Tilt Crop (Been looking for these for a year!)
3. Ride On Blazer (There were snags on it and I got an extra $10 off!)
4. Ride On Henley (I love this top! Such a pretty orange)
5. Bordeaux CRB (now me and my sis can be twinsies!)
6. Pigment Blue Infinity Scarf (I heart this color!)

So there is a little peek into my past few months. Pretty sure my mailman thinks I have a shopping addiction.

Friday, March 15, 2013

Lulu 101

Darn it, Mer! You beat me to the 100th post! Oh well. I should have been on it earlier in the day.
It's been super fogged in here in the mornings lately, and fog is chilly! But then when it burns off around noon it is blazing! So hard to dress when the temp is swinging 10-20 degrees in a matter of moments. So, today I layered like a madwoman. I chose my Denim Ride on Crops, Dewberry CRB, Ghost Herringbone Run Full Tilt pullover, and Run Turn Around reversible vest on the grey side.
Now I'm ready for anything!

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Walking and Running

My boys and I picked up my mom and we went to the path by the ocean for a nice walk. And since my 2 year old loves to escape and run towards the street, I also got a little jog in as well!
I wore my black Gather and Crow crops, All Sport Bra in Inkwell/Flare, Heathered Flash CRB, and Pretty Pink LS Swiftly.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013


I have become a bit obsessed with headbands. Specifically, bangbusters. I couldn't live without them! My 6am Krav Maga bootcamp workouts have me sweating like crazy, and I need to keep the salt out of my eyes. I wore a slipless headband once and I was blinded and wiping my face constantly.
So, when Lulu rolls out the new headbands I have to check them out. I am so bummed that they have raised the price of the BangBuster to $18. Yeah, yeah, they're reversible, but I still have a hard time forking over that much cash for such a small item.
This new Twisted headband is a whopping $22! Not sure that it will work for me, as the best part of the BangBuster is the narrow back band and the wide coverage on top. I will be trying it on in the store, but I doubt I will need one.
I bought the On the Go headband from Ivivva ($14) and it is the same size as the BangBuster. It sort of bulges out around the ears, as it's multiple pieces of fabric that loop around each other. I have just worn it around the house, and my husband said he liked my other ones a lot more. I find that if I don't LOVE the color and fit I'd be better off just giving it away or selling it.
Me wants some pretty new headgear!! Hear me, lulu?
P.s. Is she wearing a heathered grey CRB in that first pic? Yippee of she is!

Sunday, March 10, 2013

No Repeat Week, Day 7 for Jels

I will be spending today outside digging holes! My husband and I, with "help" from the kids, will be weeding, raking, laying down weed barrier, digging holes, and putting in a hedge. Here's to manual labor!
I'm wearing groove crops, my oldest lulu item today. And since this morning is a little chilly, I've got a Patagonia R1 over my Beaming Blue CRB.
I got an Ivivva headband delivered yesterday! I will write a little review of it later on today or tomorrow.

Saturday, March 9, 2013

No Repeat Week, Day 6 for Jels

Having a very busy and fun Saturday, so here's my quick post for day 6!
Dewberry CRB, Run Full Tilt Pullover in heathered black, and Inkwell Wunder Unders. I will say that I have had this tank for 2 years and it looks as good a new! And I put this thing through the ringer.

Friday, March 8, 2013

No Repeat Week, Day 5 for Jels

Today I visited my local store with my friend and my 5 year old to assist her with some new Lulu purchases. I got to hang out on the new leather couch in the dressing room area with my son and comment on what my friend was trying on. She ended up getting Inkwell Run Inspires and an Inkwell denim and Luon Forme Jacket. I love the Inkwell color! It's so nice to switch it up from just black.
I wore my Ride On Jacket/blazer with a Black Swan CRB and Citizen Jeans. I love this scarf I got from J. Crew because it is warm without being heavy. I almost got a Flare/Inkwell Vinyasa scarf today, but I think that for Santa Barbara it is overkill. Also, my friends and family are going to have to have a Flare intervention for me soon. A Flaretervention. Sorry.
FYI, I think Mer cheated by wearing her Grooves again! Woman, you have a pile if pants. We've all seen the pictures.

Thursday, March 7, 2013

No Repeat Week, Day 4 for Jels

For this morning's class I wore my black Groove crops, Wee are from Space March CRB, and Ultraviolet BangBuster.
Now I am home, showered, coffee-ed, and ready for the day. I have on my black Groove pants and Every Yogi long sleeve in white and navy stripe.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

No Repeat Week, Day 3 for Jels

So last spring Lulu had a casual cycling collection called "Ride On". They had crops, shorts, pants, a Henley top, and a blazer. Over the past year I have collected 2 pair of the crops, the Henley, and the blazer. I love this stuff!! The crops are the best denim fabric ever, so soft and thick, the Henley is rulu with beautiful details and a flattering fit, and the blazer is like a comfy motorcycle jacket! They did this reflective ric-rac that is so feminine. I love those scalloped edges! The first 105 degree singlets had that edge too. It's worth stalking eBay for.
Anyhow, today I am wearing my Ride On Henley in Dazzling, Astro Wunder Unders in Inkwell, and my pink Asics ultimate 81 shoes. I just got the pants last night at the grand opening of my local store! They moved to a new location and it is glorious!! Beautiful tile mosaics, leather couch, wide (double bob stroller wide!) aisles, and soooooo much more space for merch. Very excited about that. So I bought these to replace my Strike Tights, which I sold after one wear. They literally fell off of my body! I wasn't even exercising. I was chasing my kid. He thinks its hilarious to run away from me in parking lots, stores, pretty much anywhere. So those crops did not work for my life. I'm hoping these Astro crops do!

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

No Repeat Week, Day 2 for Jels

Once again, I forgot to document my morning workout wear! Run Full Tilt crops, Flare CRB, Porcelain BangBuster, and Moving Comfort Rebound Racer bra.
I'm just having a mellow day at home, so I changed into my Groove Crops, Menthol CRB, Pretty Pink LS Swiftly, and Ugg slippers. Oh, and don't forget my favorite layer of all time, my Run Turn Around reversible vest!!! Love love this.

Monday, March 4, 2013

No Repeat Week, day 1 for Jels

I already sweat through my first outfit of today, so I will just tell you what it was.
Beaming blue CRB, Gather and Crow crop in black, Flare Bangbuster.
And for the rest of the day I will be in my Bordeaux Dance Studio Pants, All Sport bra in Inwell/Flare, and Flare light CRB. I adore these brights!! Gonna try and make it without wearing another headband. We will see how that goes.
FYI, this pic is not very flattering but I'm posting it cause I don't have the time to take another one. Sorry!!

Sunday, March 3, 2013

For reals.

I was thinking today about why my wardrobe has changed so much in the last 6 years. And it's being a full time mom! Lulu is my uniform that keeps me cool, comfortable, able to run after my sons, and wicks away the sweat! You know the feeling. Your kid starts whining at trader joes, or spills a bag of crackers all over the place. And you just start to perspire. It also might be the fact that I've been using Burt's Bees deodorant for the last 5 years and it doesn't exactly stop me from sweating.
I don't want to ever be held back by distractions. No impractical high-heels, no white silk anything, no crack revealing jeans when I bend over. Right now is about running around, running after, running late, running errands, and loving every moment. 

So thank you, lulu. For letting me be a better mom by not getting in the way of time with my family.