Monday, February 24, 2014

New patagonia!!!

So I bought the Cadet Blue Forme jacket, but then..... Then. I was at REI and looking thru the clearance and I found this lovely Patagonia Better sweater Jacket for $68! And I totally love it. So super soft and cozy, and it is structured enough to wear with a skirt or nice jeans. Today I wore it with my Ziggy WUC and Juil sandals. I also picked up the new Beach print BangBuster. There is such a wide variety of colors and patterns, it's fun to get to pick, although ordering online will be a total crap shoot. 
See you at 9:45 for the upload! 

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Wee are awesome.

I ran into the store today to see if they had any new fun items. I love me a Wee Space fabric, and since the WUC have that horrible dark crotch stitching, I got a headband in the fabric, just so I have a little something. I also picked up the Swiftly tank in the Spacedye Cadet blue, which is so so beautiful!! I tried on the ombré crops, but they did me no favors. Here is the headband in natural light. I think this color is fleshy enough not to work in large areas, as you'd look naked from a distance, but I love it for bras and headbands. My sister and Mer both got the Camo BangBuster, so I will resist it, for fear of looking like we are all enlisted. We love the camo!!

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Traveling Yogi Rucksack.

I bought my first lulu bag ever! This one had my 2 favorite prints- camo and bright plaid, plus a zip off purse. I love how this backpack is light and can carry so many things neatly. I am always loaded down with snacks and extra clothes for my kids, and this one has room for it all. If you are looking for a practical bag that can also be used for a weekender, this is a brilliant choice. The mesh water bottle pockets are huge, and they have adjustable bungee cords, so they work with all sizes of bottles. Nice! 
I love the extra plaid bag for shoes or dirty clothes. This bag makes me feel more organized, so that's well worth it in my book! 

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Polar Vortex: SoCal edition

It rained today! And it was pretty chilly (roll your eyes), so I busted out my Fluffing Somthing (blanking on the name!) Vest, Every Yogi LS in Indigo, Leigh+Luca scarf, and some rain boots. Oh, and black WUC. How often do you guys have to buy basic black crops? I've had these for about 2 years, and they are looking a little ratty. I just ordered some Athleta ones that should be here soon! So look out for that review. 

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Wheelbarrow Races

Today I went to my friend's Pilates/plyo/cardio class, and it was super! We all bring our kids and take over a tennis court, so it's enjoyable for our kids and an awesome workout for us. At the end we did wheelbarrow races and my sis and I took first! I wore my Flash jacket (blanking on the name), Wren CRB, and Runday crops. Afterwards my sis and I hit lulu, but I didn't find anything I needed. Then I came home and saw pics of the Traveling Yogini bag in Camo with plaid lining, and I am in looooove! Me wants.