Monday, December 30, 2013

Year of the Unicorn

I just got my Run Turn Around LS in the mail! It's a highly sought after item, so I was thrilled to find it on eBay for an amazing price. The color is Plum check, and I'm pretty sure I will wear this a ton. 
I passed on the Scuba sale this weekend, as I have one and I don't wear it very often. It's black and has faded quite a bit. So even tho they were a decent price, I just don't love love them. But I did pick up an Alessi Q tip holder. Talk about unnecessary purchase!! But it was half off. And orange. My 2 weaknesses. It's the cutest thing ever. 

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Happy Christmas Eve

I'm just about asleep from shopping, wrapping, cleaning, and I'm still not fully over this cold, but I wanted to say Merry Christmas to all of our lovely readers! Have a wonderful holiday with your loved ones. I'm hoping my kids sleep past 5 am. 
Today. I wore my Every Yogi LS in Indigo , Hyperstripe CRB, COH jeans , and Frye. boots. 
Merry Christmas!

Sunday, December 22, 2013

On Second Thought...

So since I can't find a size 10 in the parallel stripe WUC, I decided to pick up the Runday crops. Just to see, mind you. I'm not PLANNING on keeping both. But if the tags should happen to get snipped off by mistake...
I am wearing the Runday on Sunday! I'm hoping to get a long walk in with the fam. The luxtreme on these is wonderful. I tried these on in solid black and they were sheer, but the stripes have awesome coverage. I do a ton of squats, so sheer is not an option! I love the fit, and the waist doesn't cut in like the Inspires do. So, merry Christmas to me!

Wednesday, December 18, 2013


I stopped in my local store last night and they had the new WUC, but only up to a size 8. I tried them on and I did buy them, but I'm holdings out for a 10. I just need a smidgen more room in the waist. But I'm holding on to these till I find them! They must be super stretchy cause I've never gotten an 8 in lulu bottoms before. They are more flattering on my shape than the Runday crops, as the seaming on those cuts my leg in half, and I don't love the black section at the ankle. But both crops are very well made, and neither showed anything while squatting. These are a home run! 

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Getting to know Jels

Since we have been doing  this blog for over a year (gasp!) we wanted to share a little bit about ourselves. Mer went first with questions that I asked her. And these are the ones she emailed me.

1. Favorite new style from 2013:
I love the Fluff Off Vest! And I owe Mer big time for finding that one for me. But I also wear my Full Tilt Long Sleeve a ton. Can I say it's a tie?

2. Favorite Christmas tradition? 
Last year we had a fancy cheese plate on Christmas, and our kids loved it! I love excuses to buy all the cheeses I've been avoiding all year at Trader Joe's.  

3. Funny fact: 

I never went to one day of elementary, jr. high, or high school. My first day of school was college! I was home schooled. 

4. Unicorn: 

Quiet Stripe Wunder Unders. I know. They are one of the most sought after items on ebay. And I am dying to try the new Black and White Stripey ones!!!

5. Favorite activity with your sons: 

Tide pooling. I love finding creatures and wading in the water with them. 

6. Other stores you frequent:

EBAY!. ebay. Did I mention ebay? I love a good deal, very nice things, and also reselling what I no longer want. It's like a giant garage sale. 

7. My family says I am... 

Hilarious. And a surprisingly good cook, considering I only started 7 years ago. 

8. Favorite way to sweat: 

Krav Maga. Love the bootcamp, combat classes, everything. 

9. Least favorite exercise: 
Box jumps. I have a very real fear of smashing my teeth, and I'm convinced I will eat it doing these. And you can't second guess a jump! I hate them. 

10. Favorite Lulu color:

 My first CRB was heathered Dewberry. It is so soft and goes with everything! But I also love Flash, Black Swan, Split Pea, Bordeaux, Inkwell, ....

Monday, December 9, 2013

Monday, sniff sniff.

After having the stomach flu over thanksgiving, we were hit again by sickness! I am finally feeling well enough to take my son to choir practice, hence my non-pajama attire. I'm wearing my Fluff Off vest on Deep Zin, Wren CRB under my new Fjord Flannel from Patagonia. I love this shirt! They altered the fit from previous seasons, so it really flatters my shape and doesn't pull in the chest. I kinda want another one for Christmas...

Sunday, December 8, 2013

One year already!!

Happy blog-iversary to me and Mer! One whole year of sharing with all of you. We are amazed that so many of you check our little site daily. Thanks so much for your comments and feedback. Here's to another year of health and happiness!

Friday, December 6, 2013

Yes, I have Gratitude.

So I had every intention of disliking this version of the GW, as my sis had one a couple of years ago and it did nothing for me. BUT. But. I got mine Wednesday, and I tore those tags off fast! It's so so comfy and it looks great with WUs and jeans. I have worn it everyday since I got it. And I fell asleep in it last night! I love the lining, the collar, the discrete logo placement, and the price is reasonable. The charcoal is very easy to wear, and I think it will wash nicely. I haven't heard a lot love for this GW, but I would try one on before you decide against it. The hemline flaring out flatters my body type, and it's a very versatile piece. And you can't complain about resale value! These are pretty much gold. 

Tuesday, December 3, 2013


 I will admit, I succumbed to the hype. I ordered a Gratitude wrap. 2 actually.  But sadly, my Deep Zin order was cancelled last night. I also ordered black. But the Deep Zin is the color I was really excited about. I never liked this style before, as it gathered so much around the bottom and looked very sack-like. But the new pics look promising, and I'm hoping if my local store gets them in I can snag a DZ. 
I loved Paris Pink the first time it was released, but got very tired of the having to launder it separately. I sold or returned all of it. I'm holding off on the new CRB because it's solid, not heathered. I'm getting more and more selective about my purchases, as my collection isn't lacking and I'd have to sell something to justify a purchase. 

Friday, November 29, 2013

Black Friday

Even though I've been feeling super gross, I headed out at 7 to meet up with my buddy DJ at lulu. I scored some full length run pants for $69 (can't stop pant I think), and some Love Red DSP for $39! Pretty awesome. DJ looked so pretty in her Charcoal WUC, Ride On Henley, and Fluffin Awesome Vest in Plum. She founds some Plum WU with the ruffle on markdown, as well as the base runner pants for $69! And now I am back home in my pjs. I have been binge watching the Good Wife on hulu. I've never seen it before. No wonder it wins all sorts of awards! It's very entertaining without making me have bad dream. I'm talking to you, Dexter. 

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Body Love

So there was a huuuuuge mess of comments on lulumum's blog about some negative feedback regarding her "fit review" photos. Tons of women chimed in about it, and it got me thinking. I know that I try and take flattering pictures of myself to post on this blog. Know that I am 5 ft 8 in, and I wear a size 10 pretty much across the board in Lulu. So no amount of camera trickery will fool you into mistaking my pics for Mer's! We have very different body types. We both work out a lot, and we both have things we love/dislike about our bodies. People who say unkind things on the internet should know that typed words tear down and hurt just as much as spoken ones. So please remember to be kind, be loving, and remember that we are all fallible humans and our bodies might not be as tight as we'd like. But you don't' need to point that out.
Also, whenever I read the comments on Yahoo news I lose hope in humanity. Those people have so much hate it scares me.

On a lighter note, I finally got a solid black CRB and it was a very wise purchase. I am sure it will do a super job of holding in my turkey and pumpkin pie belly.

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Try Ons and Opinions

I snuck into my local shop to try on some new items this week. Here are my thoughts:

1. I love the idea of the Runday crop. But they luxtreme is super thin and very sheer. I love the zippers and the accent waistband, but these are a no go for me.

2. The Striped CRBs are calling my name. I adore bright colors, and these are super flattering, both the blue/green and the pink/purple. But the stitching on the seams drives me crazy! The thread is lighter, so it shows up a lot on the darker colored stripes. It looks like a mistake, and not a design choice, unlike the umbre thread on the reverse side of many CRBs. Fail. One of my favorite things about those tanks are the amazing finishing details like the flat seams. So when it's not perfect I won't bite.

3. I tried the Practice Daily crops on, and the inner thigh stitching was WAY off. There was a bulge on the left leg that looked like a wondering camel toe. I have noticed quite a few pair of crops whose seams are off. And the girl I spoke to in the dressing room had noticed it too. I loved the Deep Zin color, so I'm thinking about getting the Groove pants. It's very close to Black Swan, which pretty much is the most versatile color of all time.

4. The Fluff Off vest was sold out in my size! Tragedy. Both me and my sis want it, so an ANGEL named Mer drove herself to a store near her and got us both one. She is amazing. She worked, ran 8 miles, volunteered for a children's charity, drove and picked up our vests, and then cheered her husband on at his soccer game. A-MER-ZING.

All in all, I love the color palette this season, and I wish I needed more things. I just sold a vest and some crops on ebay, so that justifies me getting a new one. I do sell things to fund this obsession, cause I'm not rolling in cash. Just in Lulu.
Sorry for the lack of pictures. I was in a rush cause my poor son said "Not Lululemon again!" and was in a 15 minute parking space.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Neutral Day.

I finally caught my kid's cold, so I am expressing my sickness with a nearly colorless outfit! Every Yogi LS in Oatmeal, Ride On crop, and Puma Anjans. Bring on naptime. 

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Glorious Scarf

My mom and I went to a Leigh+Luca sample sale in Venice yesterday and I literally dreamed about my new scarf! I love it so much. Technically it's my Christmas present, but I am no way going to be able to wait until then to wear it. The only lulu I am wearing today is my Bourdeax CRB. Since I can't find my Black Swan one (I'm pulling my hair out!) this is the most neutral tank I have. Maybe I should think about getting a black one. But I'm such a color person! I can't do it.
Anyway, I adore Leigh+Luca and I think their scarves are amazing. I am so happy to have gotten some on crazy sale! 

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

I love you, I love you, wait.... Do I?

I was so excited to see 2 items in particular from this upload- the Fluff Off vest and Base Runner LS. But I found myself wishing for updated versions of the Run Turn Around Vest and LS. Aside from having no hand warming pockets, that vest is perfect. Reversible, rulu sides, slimming cut, and so feminine. So I will go into the store to try on the new merch, but I'm expecting to walk away from it empty handed. 
BUT, I do know that pictures don't do many things justice. So I will let you all know what happens. I also really want to try on the new runday crops!! Love the higher waist and zipper details. Those are very very high on my list. 
What did you all think of the new winter items?? I am loving the new colors. More heathered fabrics!!

Saturday, November 9, 2013


I'm heading downtown with my boys to hit the farmers market for pink lady apples and persimmons! I love fall. I'm wearing my Ride On crops in Denim, Run Full Tilt in plum/inkwell, and my leigh+luca scarf. I adore these scarves. They are all handmade and limited edition. And I just bought another one last night on My Habit! Super good deals. Anyway, happy Saturday to you all!

Monday, November 4, 2013

Lulu Laundry

I wash my workout wear with care. Cold, delicate, Mrs. Meyer's detergent, hang dry- the works. And I need to do a load of lulu and swimwear at least twice a week. These are the items that are always in those loads. I reach for them first, I wear them for working out and life, and my husband might call them my uniform.

1. Wunder Under Crops in Black and August Ziggy. I adore this Ziggy fabric! It reminds me of Missoni. The fabric is so soft, and it matches nearly every tank I own. Now for the black. I know. Bo-ring. These were an ebay find, and I paid $24 for them. I never in a million years would have thought that I'd wear them so much! I am wearing them right now, actually. Yes, they have pilling and the inner leg shows some wear. But they look so good!

2. Wee Are From Space Inkwell Run Inspires. I wear these every Monday! I didn't realize that till today. But I love the luxtreme in the WAFS pattern, and they add interest without being too loud. They are also super flattering, as I have some Inspires in solids that aren't as good at camouflaging.

3. CRBs. I love me a Cool Racerback. The Black Swan goes with everything. Black, grey, navy, 
jeans- it's enough of it's own color to stand out from them, but not too bright to clash. And my WAFS March CRB is epic. Love this color so much. So did my mom, so I spent 6 months looking for one on ebay for her! And, I will admit, I paid over retail. I know. But, it was for my mom. Well worth it.

4. Run Full Tilt Pullover in Plum/Inkwell Hyperstripe AND Black Stripe. I am a sweater. Not gonna lie, and this causes me to reach for tanks most of the time. But it's getting colder, and this cozy and stretchy layer is amazing!! Love the neckline, the tiny ruffle details, and the length. My only problem with it is that it's so well made that I have worn it inside out on many occasions! I will wonder where the reflective trim is and realize my error.

So that's a peek inside my Wash/Cold load of laundry. What is in yours?

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Lulu Free

I'm heading out, and I'm not wearing any lulu! It feels good to take a break. For a few hours, anyway. I'm wearing a dress from anthropologie that my fam got me for my birthday, paired with my Frye Veronica Slouch boots, and an Odd Molly under slip. I've been fighting a cold for a few days, so here's hoping that some quality time with my husbands knocks it out. Moms aren't allowed to get sick!! 

Friday, November 1, 2013

Frosty Friday

Ok, so it's not really frosty here. It's going to be a glorious day with sunshine and I will probably end up at the beach. But this morning is slightly cold, so I busted out my Ugg boots. They are 8 years old, and still going strong. Also wearing my WUC, Run Full Tilt in Plum Hyperstripe (again! I know) over my Bordeaux CRB. I also wanted to tell you all about my favorite hats of all time! The brand is Ekologic, and they use cashmere sweaters to create one-of-a-kind hats and accessories. I have 3 of their hats, and they are my favorites! I get tons of compliments on them, and they are so cozy and unique. The only bummer is their website is all Flash, so it doesn't work on my iPhone.

Monday, October 28, 2013


I loved the Ride On collection that lulu did for biking. I have 2 pair of crops, the jacket, and the black Henley. I think that the ric rac trim and buttons really add some fun interest, and the cut and fabric choices made them very versitile. I'm wearing the Henley today with a Wren CRB and black WUC. Also, a scarf by Lemlem. Yey for scarf weather! Now I can rationalize the many that I have been buying. Seriously. Someone stop me. 

Friday, October 25, 2013

Crepe Break

We were out for a little sweet and savory breakfast this morning, and I looked down and my friend and I were total twins! Clearly, plum with crazy shoes is today's theme. 
P. S. I had the buckwheat crepe with Brie and carmelized onion and it was the best ever!

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Brighten my Day

Today I am wearing my Yin to You pants in  WAFS March, Scoopneck Swiftly in black, and an infinity scarf in pigment or royalty. I am so bad at styling things like scarves. I'm not a fussy person, so fussing with things drives me crazy! But I tried. 
Also, I hear that the Gratitude Wrap is coming back. I never understood this piece, as it looks like a cocoon and doesn't do a thing for my shape. I'm a Define jacket fan, and I also loved the Sing Floss Jacket. But for all of your Gratitude fans out there, it's gonna be an epic battle online to get your hands on this one! Last time they made these their website crashed. 

Monday, October 21, 2013

Post Bday Recovery

Well, I partied it up all weekend, so Monday is really taking me down a few notches. No wonder kids fall apart when their parties are over!
I'm wearing my Steadfast Crop in Black Swan with my Charcol Open Heart tank. I did cut the skirt off of the crops. It never really looked right under a CRB, and it was just a little too Ice Skater for my taste. I threw over a tunic by Ace and Jig and had my son snap a pic at the park. I told him that he did a good job, and he said "Thanks, but the camera did some of the work too."  He's six. What a goof. 

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

New Old CRB

I am off for a morning hike with 2 adults and 5 small boys. It's gonna be a messy and fun time! I'm wearing my new eBay find, a Heathered Wren CRB with my plum Energy bra ($19!!), black WUC, and WAFS April Stride jacket. I wish they would make heathered items again. I love that fabric! 

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Wiped out.

I am gonna be sooooooore. Our morning bootcamp took a little departure from the norm today, and we did a personal best challenge. It was 25 burpees, lap around the block. Repeat, 6 times. It was exhausting! But I am so thankful that I wore these older Luon crops and my WAFS Tank. The fabrics of these, while not the softest , almost lock together and keep in place while sprawling and jumping. At least I didn't have to yank my shirt down the whole time! These are the Bandah(?) Crop from 2011, and I love them! The seaming is so flattering. If you can find a pair on eBay I would highly recommend them. 

Friday, October 11, 2013

Flash Sale!

I was downtown in Santa Barbara today when is missed 2 calls from my sister. I called her back and she said that our lulu store was having a huge sale! I walked/ran the 2 blocks to find a better sale than I've ever seen at any lululemon store or warehouse sale. There was a huge rack of bras for $19 and a matching rack of pants and crops for $39. I kinda went nuts, but I didn't have time to try anything on, and I knew that my friends would pick over my leftovers! I'm so happy! My one friend has a birthday coming up, and she really wanted the Daily Bra. And $19 is an amazing price for the Energy Bra too!! I maybe got a couple of those. Anyway, I threw it all on my bed and took a pic to send Mer. So I guess I will share it with you all too!

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Second Guessing

On my way out the door this morning I remembered that the friend I was meeting had the same Ziggy WUC I was wearing! I didn't really want to be twinsies. I quick changed into some black Groove pants. I was overheating in my vest too, so I ditched that. I also wore my Plum Hyperstripe Run Full Tilt over a Smokey Rose CRB. 

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Too much of a Good Thing?

So I bought the Star Runner Halfzip in Plum/inkwell Hyperstripe online, and I love love the color. I really wanted the Run Full Tilt pullover, but my store didn't have my size, and the 8 was too tight for comfort. I was all set to rip the tags off of the half zip when my store suddenly had a size 12 on markdown. I tried it on, and while the 10 would have been perfect, this is still a good fit. So now I have 2 shirts in the same fabric, with slightly different purposes. I love the pullover as a nice but technical shirt to wear with jeans, and te Halfzip for the beach, walks, and everyday craziness. The bust seam on this one has been criticized, but I think that it almost helps minimize my mega boobs. And I love the kangaroo pocket. 
Am I nuts?? 

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Wearing Lululemon Whilst Pregnant

I have noticed quite a bit of discussion on the online (as my mom would say!), and I thought I'd throw in my two cents. Here are my top 3 reasons that Lululemon is practical maternity wear, followed by my top 3 recommended items.
1. It grows with you. Or, rather, it accommodates a fluctuation of sizes. It does a wonderful job of holding you in, and is forgiving as you gain weight. There is nothing worse than trying to cram a pregnant, tired, crabby, and emotional body into jeans. It's the worst. Don't try it. Lulu is your friend in pregnancy! 

2. You can sell it when you're done. When my sister was pregnant last year she lived in lulu! When she was done with the clothes that she'd purchased during her pregnancy she sold them on ebay. And made back nearly every dime. Amazing. What other brand can offer you that? All of the clothes that I wore when I was pregnant made me nauseous to look at. I had to sell! 

3. They bounce back. You would be amazed at how much abuse these pieces can take and still keep their shape! I have a CRB that is 3 years old, and I've breastfed in that thing hundreds of times. And the neckline still hasn't stretched out! 

 Top 3 Pieces 
1. CRB. Hands down. Best basic tank for pregnancy, and works great for nursing too. Just size up to gain length if you need it, or stalk the extra long ones on ebay. 

 2. Studio Pant. The waistband on these is so comfortable for a growing belly, and is great for afterwords as well. Also, it's nice and thin for when you get all sweaty!  

3. Any Astro waistband. Fold it down, or keep it up, this style of waistband can be found on pants, crops, and shorts. It's so important to let your belly be supported, and this does just that. 
 To all of you expectant mothers out there, be so thrilled with what amazing things your body is capable of!

Should I?

I have the Wee are from Space Run Inspires in my cart, but I just can't hit the button and go for it! Sheesh. I know I will be sad if they sell out. I love love love my Inkwell ones and I wear those every week, sometimes more. I wore them today to Bootcamp with my Mellow Lemon CRB, and it was quite a cheerful ensemble, if I do say myself. 
The only reason that I'm hesitating to order them is that I have quite a few pair of crops and I don't need them. Not even close to needing. 
But I want. 

Monday, September 30, 2013

Ahhhhh. Refreshing.

I am super practical when it comes to water bottles. They need to be durable, cheap, safe, easy to clean, and pretty. I am obsessed with my Design for Living stackable water bottles. I have 4 of them, and I use one everyday. They have a cork-like closure, which can be turned to lock into place. If you're looking for a new water bottle and you don't want to break the bank, you definitely should check these out. They are around $7 on amazon. 
P. s. My outfit today is kinda lame, so no picture today. I will step it up tomorrow!

Friday, September 27, 2013

105 Degrees of Fun!

Today I dressed for the heat, as it's been really warming up these last few days in SoCal.  I chose my Split Pea 105 Singlet, Energy Bra in matchymatchy stripes of Split pea, inkwell, and plum, and my Ziggy August WUC. This season's Energy bras are sooooo much tighter!  They offer better compression, but my neck and shoulders start to hurt after a while. I compaired it to my Angel Blue one from last year, and it's an inch smaller in the band, and the straps are shorter too. Sigh. I can never find the perfect sports bra. I ordered 2 from Nordstrom this week, so I will let you all know if those turn out to be magical. I doubt it. 

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Snarky Thursday.

I got the Athleta catalog today, and, while there are a couple of items I would try on if there was a store nearby, there were some royally hideous things.  I laughed out loud at a couple! 
(Clockwise from the top)
- I think that their prints are the absolute worst. It's Chicos meets Kmart lingerie. 
- This dress is perfect for a Star Trek themed wedding! 
- Did they have tons of extra yardage of this fabric? Why all the layers? So unflattering. 
- Down is never very flattering, but this also has a mandarin collar and an asymmetrical zipper. And it's orange. 

If Athleta ever wants to mail me some free clothing to try then maybe I could write a review! But I'm not gonna gamble my own cash on it. Plus the resale factor is another reason that I buy lulu. 
Do you guys like Athleta? Do you think I'm the meanest? 
Please share!

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Sunrise Cardio

I went for a little run around my neighborhood this morning, and I dressed in my superhero tights, just in case anyone needed help. 

I need! I need!

Well, darn it. I was just thinking how there's nothing that I could be tempted by, and then all these gem come out!! Looks like I will be sending some of my own precious items to the eBay chopping block. I'm going to try and hit the store, cause I hate ordering a bunch of stuff and having to return it. I hope they have all of these new things in!

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Yin to You Too!

So I guess today is the day for these pants, cause my friend is wearing hers too! She has the charcoal denim, and paired it with a Sizzle CRB. Anyone else wearing these today?? Send me a pic!

Swell Saturday

I'm about to head out with my kidos and hit the farmers market. We are obsessed with these garlic and herb blistered almonds! Yum. I'm wearing my Yin to You pants in Wee are from Space, and charcoal Heart Opener tank. 
Be on the lookout for a special guest post by one of our very own readers!