Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Beach Day Ruffles

How many ruffles are too many? My little 1 year old niece has these awesome leggings with a dozen rows of ruffles on her butt and they look so adorable on her. That is not the look I am going for today! Someone please let me know if this outfit looks like that. I'm going for "preppy skirt goes to the seashore with a SPF top". I want my legs to get tan and my top half to stay safely untouched by the sun! I will never be wearing this skirt anywhere but the beach or in my backyard, but living in Southern California that is a lot of the time out here.
I'm wearing the Pacesetter Skirt Tall in black and the Sun Runner Hoody pullover from last summer.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

I bought something from the Upload!

So I have been so disappointed lately when I walk into my local store. Everything is purple or sheer or tennis ball green. A guy working there (I am sorry, but I will not refer to them as "educators" until they know something worth learning!) asked me why nothing struck my fancy. I told him that I wasn't into the color pallet and that I missed the styles of the last few years. He blankly stared and said that they would be getting in more stuff soon and to check back. I was less than hopeful. BUT last night I saw the new Voyage hoodie and I ordered it! It has so many things that us lulu fans have been asking for:
- reasonable price point
- hair tie zipper pull
- thumb holes
- French Terry jacket that isn't cropped
I await my shipping confirmation. I will do a fit review as soon as I get it! I ordered a 10, which is my normal size in scubas, CRBs and crops.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Wednesday Restday

I really tweaked my back doing burpees on Monday, and that has me dressing like I'm working out when I'm just layin low. Better than sweatpants!!
Today I'm wearing my Run Stay on Course crops in Glacier lace Embossed black, Bordeaux CRB, and Flash Stuff your Bra. I think these crops are so cute! I love the details. Why have you stopped doing these, Lulu??

Monday, May 20, 2013

Wee are Back!

Sorry for the lack of posts lately. Life happens, but now I am excited to show you my latest eBay unicorn! My sister had these Wee are from Space Yin to You pants and she sold hers a while ago. I am so in love with this fabric that I hunted down a pair on the bay and they arrived today!! Woohoo! Also wearing my Black Swan CRB and Angel Blue Energy bra. I don't think that the Energy bra does a lot for me, but it is comfy and that is where I'm at today. Just call me boob-loaf.

Monday, May 6, 2013

CRB Layering

I wear these tanks everyday, and I love how they look layered! Today I'm wearing Mint Moment over Heathered Flash with my black WU crops and Define jacket. And don't forget about my pink Asics! I love retro shoes, and Gola has some beautiful turquoise and red ones right now at Madewell. I loves me some turquoise and red. Those are really calling my name. Mother's Day! Are you listening, boys?

Thursday, May 2, 2013

What's your Lulu Unicorn??

There are a few items that I am always looking for on eBay. But at the top of that list is the Wee are from Space April CRB in size 10. I MUST HAVE ONE. It might be the prettiest thing they've ever made. I have the one from march, but I love love the April version.
The term "Lulu Unicorn" makes me laugh. And feel like I am either in an exclusive club OR a mega nerd. I'm ok with either.
What is your Unicorn?

Wednesday, May 1, 2013


Ok, that is the weirdest title ever. But this my Outfit Of the Day and I am going to an Ear Nose and Throat doctor this morning. Haha! I never ever ever use smiley faces in my emails or texts, but if I did I would put one "here".
I am wearing my pique Groove pants, Flare stripe CRB, and a French terry top from the Gap.
Confession. I haven't been to my lulu store in a while, as I was out of town and visited one in Orange County! Those poor girls at my local shop are probably wondering what happened to me. So don't worry, girls! I will be in sooooooon!