Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Outfit of the Day

I love bright colors! That must be pretty obvious by now. And I love unexpected combinations. Today I am wearing my Beaming Blue CRB, Angel blue Energy bra, Paris Pink Define, and my Splits59 Piper crops.

Monday, January 28, 2013

What's YOUR Outfit of the Day?

We have noticed that you people are actually looking at our blog. A lot! So exciting. It's fun to share thoughts and reviews and to have this little outlet for our fit fashion passion. And we would love to see what YOU are wearing! What items do you love? And which ones don't live up the hype? How do you wear your activewear? Please email us at and we will pick some of our favorites to share!

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Moving Comfort vs. Lululemon, Sports Bras

I know a lot of women can pick up a $15 sports bra at Target and it does everything they need. I am not one of those women. I have some major boob-age. I am 36DD right now ( I am still nursing, so things will shrink eventually!) and I need a piece of engineering to hold me in, up, and wick sweat away.
Enter Lululemon's Ta-Ta Tamer. Up until a few months ago, this was the most supportive bra I owned. I love that it can be worn with the straps straight or crossed, and the color options for this style are usually pretty fun. I have it in Porcelain Blue from last spring. It does tend to work its way down in my classes, and I end up showing more cleavage then I would like to. If you are a nursing mom, it does stretch down to allow you to feed your child. It comes with cups for more coverage, but they are too small for my chest and look ridiculous when I've tried them. I know that others love the cups and can't live without them! The strap adjusters do dig into my back if I wear them crossed. But this thing wicks sweat away like nobody's business.
I had heard of Moving Comfort and that their sports bras were supposed to be great. But the colors were blah and they were never in any stores near me. But REI opened up here last year, and I was able to try on their Rebound Racer bra. It is sized like the Ta-Ta Tamer with real bra sizing. I got a 36D, and it fits great. The Velcro straps in front let you customize the level of support, and the hooking strap in the back adds even more support. I looked in the mirror in the dressing room when I tried it out and screamed! My boobs were smaller! I could jump and run and they were staying in place! So for $50 each, I now own 2 of these. In boring grey, I might add. I would love if they came in lovely and vivid colors. My only complaint is that they don't wick sweat very well. But I am wearing these for 1-2 hours for a very intense bootcamp, so I am a sweaty mess by the end anyway.
All in all, I am reaching for my Moving Comfort bras first.

Friday, January 25, 2013

I Cheated.

I decided to try a new athletic company (gasp!). Splits59 is based in Cali, made in the USA, and they had an amazing sale last week. So I decided to take a risk and order some crops from a company that I've never tried. But for $48, it seemed like a less pricey risk than others.
I got them in the mail yesterday and I ....drumroll please... love them! They fit sooo differently on me than the pic on the website. Clearly, this woman has little dancer legs and these are a more relaxed fit on her. I have very muscular legs and they are not small, but I really like how they ended up looking on me. My sister noticed them right away and commented how cute she thought they were. The waistband is wide and very comfortable. It's similar to the Groove or Gather and Crow waist. The fabric is nice, and I really love that I can brush off carpet fuzz! I really hate having to use a lint roller on my fuzzy Luon. All in all, I would definitely try more pieces from Splits59 and I am already dreaming about this beautiful blue cardigan I saw on their website. I should mention that I paid for these and Splits59 did not ask me to review them. I just wanted to share a good experience with a lulu-esque brand.
Sadly, these Piper Crops are sold out and no longer available. But they do have their new spring collection online now!

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Paris Pink Define!

So last year I fell in love with the brightest pink ever. Paris pink, to be exact. And it was a bleeder. Not so much the heathered version, but solid Luon was a hot mess. So, after all of the bleeding, returns being denied then accepted, and a quite a few new varieties of pink in Lululand, all things Paris Pink are selling for BANK on eBay. As in, $240 for a $120 jacket.
That being said, I scored a define on eBay for $85! Amazing! And I love it. Here's hoping it doesn't bleed all over me.

Ho, Hum.

I went to my local store yesterday to try on some new items. I tried the Ebb and Flow crops that everyone loves so much, and I do not like them. The fabric is kind of spongy and the length is too long for crops in my opinion. They looked no where near as flattering as my Groove crops.
I also tried the Skinny Will pant, and while I liked the fit in general, the pocket detailing drew too much attention to my hip area. Easy pass.
I did love the Straight to the Studio pant, but the Luon on the backside was so thin! I try and steer clear of bump city.
I ended up buying a pair of Hang loose pants off of eBay. I hope they fit!

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Running out the Door

When I run errands I really run. I have 2 boys that never stop moving, and they get going early!! So I dress appropriately. I love my Ride On Crops from last spring. I have them in black and blue denim. Today I'm wearing them un-cuffed with my Quartz CRB, Gym T in Flare, Icebreaker wool coat, orange Mizunos, and my neon Marc Jacobs bag. Bring on the crazy.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Flare Love

I really love this color. I paired my new Not so Basic Gym T in Flare with a Quartz CRB, Spinerette Bra in Creamsicle, and Ride On Crops in Denim. Still not feeling 100% because of this cold, so these bright colors help to cheer me up.

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Sicky Saturday

So my whole family has a cold and I've spent the past few days in sweatpants. So today, feeling a little better and a lotta cabin fever, I headed out with my mom to run some errands. I wore my u Dewberry CRB, Inhabit cashmere sweater, Run Turn Around vest (thankyou eBay!!), and some Citizens jeans. Oh, and my Frye Christmas boots. I should point out that while the clothes I wear are costly at retail prices, I do not pay retail. I am a sale shark. My $240 sweater? Got it at 70% off. Boots? Well, they were $328. But I waited till they were $199 and an then an extra 30% off. So yeah. I love nice things. But I refuse to pay what they're asking for them. I love free shipping, price adjustments, and eBay. And also shopping in my sister's closet.

Monday, January 7, 2013

Sing, Floss, Love this Jacket.

Stepping it up a bit for this monday, I wore my new Frye Martina Engineer boots, Citizens of Humanity Boyfriend crops, Black Swan CRB, and Wren Sing Floss Travel jacket. I love this hoodie and I think it's a tragedy that they didn't make it this past season. It's longer and slimmer than the Scuba, and I think it's a great non-workout looking piece to wear with jeans. I was so thrilled to find this one on eBay a few months ago. It's a rare gem!!!

Friday, January 4, 2013

Friday Colors

These just make me happy. Pretty Pink, Love Red, Bordeaux, and my dark pink Mizunos.

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Morning Run

My kids woke me up, yelling that I was going to be late for my class. I scrambled to get there, only to see a darkened studio. Whoops. So I guess it starts NEXT week. Anyway, I went for a little run/walk around my neighborhood while the sun came up. Not a bad way to start the day. I was thrilled to find a this amazing pullover from last years Lulu collection on eBay, and it was perfect for a chilly morning. I also wore my Run Inspires in Tonka Stripe/Flash and a Menthol CRB.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year to ME!

I did a little shopping this morning. Giftcards tend to burn a hole in my pocket pretty quick, so the fact that I had one for a whole week without spending it is a small miracle. I used some Christmas cash from my in-laws to buy myself some new shoes! Bootcamp is starting back up in a few days, and I need to be ready. I love these Mizunos ( as I have said!) and they are crazy expensive normally. I found these on sale at the Footlocker near me, and it was my first (and only?) purchase ever made there. But for 35% off, and the colors I love, I "needed" them.
My other purchase was the Not so Basic Gym T in Flare. I love that color, and I need a layer to wear to my workouts so I am not showing so much cleavage. I have tried some Gap wicking tees, but they did nothing and bagged out to look very sloppy. So I am excited to use this one ASAP!