Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Happy New......

Well, clearly this whole holiday seasoj has been super busy, and I have totally let this blog take the back burner! But I have grand plans for the new year, so never fear. 
I am heading out to ring in 2015 in some Antro denim, Daily tank in Flash, Inhabit sweater, Fluff something vest (I wear one of the vests everyday!), Leigh+Luca scarf, and Gentle Soles combat boots. 
I did run into my local store today, and they are still adding to the markdown racks. But nothing for me. I was hoping for some CRBs or inspires. I have sold so many of my tanks and I am in "need" of a couple new colors. I really want Fuel Green! Did that ever come to the U.S. ?

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Merry Christmas Eve!

I spent the morning trying to keep my kids from opening all of their presents! We let them open just one this morning and that didn't go over so well. 
I am saving my pennies for December 26th, as I hear from a few sources that the stores have been getting boxes of markdowns!!!! Super exciting. 
Today I am wearing my High Times in Coco Piquè, black Daily Tank, and Free People top. These pants tie with my Herringbone Wills for favorite of the year! 

Saturday, December 13, 2014


I succumbed to the hype. And these Skinny Wills are a-maz-ing! I tried on nearly every textured pant that they had today. I wanted to like the new striped High Times, but in person I think they like like long johns. And the WUP in the new Ghost Herringbone has such noticeable seaming! Why can't they pick a more subtle color!? 
Wearing Toms, Black Swan CRB, and Free People top. 

Thursday, December 11, 2014


I'm wearing layers! Ok, it's not that cold. But cold for where I live. Crb under a Fatigue Flip your Dog, Fluffed up Vest, and High Times Coco Piquè. And my trusty Uggs! It's their 9th year, as still going strong. 
I am really really wanting to get another pair of High Times. Maybe Herringbone. They are so awesome! 

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Let's Get High

I picked up the High Times pants in Coco Piqué this last week, and this is day 3 of my obsession. Love. Love the length, love the texture (cozy, not hot), and love the rise! If you are like me in wishing that the Will/Wunder pants were a little shorter, these are for you. I am 5-8, and I'm not a fan of lots of extra fabric at my ankles. 
Hope you are all having fun this weekend! 

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Favorite Color of 2014?

I love Cadet Blue. I have a handful of items in this color, and they go with everything! If I were to rename it, it would be called Slim Whale. Or Dreamboy Blue. 
Anyway. Also wearing another non-bright item, my Mueted Mauve Crb. It was one of my first Lululemon purchases, and it's the softest tank I own! 
I went to my local store's Black Friday, and I was not wowed. Just another rack of Astro pants!?!? But I went in today to pick up some pants I had hemmed, and scored two 105 Singlets for $19 each! They also had the merino leg warmers for $29, but I didn't want to have sweaty calves for fashion's sake. It's Southern California, and I overheat wearing my Ugg slippers.