Saturday, February 20, 2016

Overall, I Feel Awesome.

So, I may have worn some baggy Gap overalls daily from ages 12-17. I took a break from them for a while, but when I was at Anthropologie last week I had to try these on. Oh man. I am obsessed. These are quite a bit more flattering than my old schlumpy style, and I may have worn them straight for the last week. I have a slight fixation, clearly! I am pairing a CRB and Scuba II to make the perfect Saturday outfit. I am publicly apologizing to my friends and family for wearing these until they have to have a How I Met Your Mother style intervention. I saw that Sweaty Betty has a pair of sporty overalls in their latest collection, so if they'd like anyone to give those a review...ME!ME!ME!

Sunday, February 7, 2016

Sis Pic!

Had a fun afternoon at the beach with my sister and our kids, and snapped this picture of her outfit- 100% Lululemon. Shocker!
We have a Rise and Shine jacket in Camo, High Times pants, a Traveling Yogini Rucksack. Maybe some of the best styles from last year! 
Do you ever go head to toe Lulu??