Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Still Here!

So sorry for the lapse in posts, but life has been nutty at my house! We still have 2 weeks left on our kitchen (hopefully!), so that has thrown a wrench into our routine. 
I ordered this Velvet brand tank from last week, and I love it! It was on sale for $16, and it's perfect to layer over a CRB (today I'm wearing white) and black WUC. I'm hoping to run into lulu today to check out the new Studio pants in Fatigue. I adore cargos, and I still have some from Abercombie from a million years ago. So these look like a very practical choice for me!! I think army green looks good with nearly every color. 
Did you all order anything? I am also dying to see what else comes out in the new Wee Space color!! Love it. 

Monday, January 20, 2014

Color Explosion Monday.

I was feeling very colorful this morning. I wore a Heathered Wreb CRB, Velvet tank, Deep Zin Groove pants, and a J.Crew hoodie. I love these colors together!!! 

Friday, January 17, 2014

Friday !

Today I cleaned out my entire kitchen, as it's getting demo-ed tomorrow!! So excited and scared. I'm thrilled about getting a new kitchen, but the prospect if feeding my family without one for 3 weeks is daunting. So if my posts are a little "light" this month, you know why!
Today I'm wearing my Steadfast crops ( that I cut the skirt part off of), Love Red CRB, and a Gap t. I love deep purples with reds and oranges!! Clearly, I am a fan of ballsy color combos. 

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Wundah Undahs.

These just make me happy. I wore my Parallel Stripe WUC with a Mint Moment CRB and $2 Gap tank. Spent a loverly long morning at the beach with my kids, and I almost felt guilty about how beautiful it was outside. Almost. 

Monday, January 13, 2014

Leigh Answers the Tough Questions

Our lovely reader Leigh shared a picture of her Lululemon hang tags, and we just had to know more about this girl! She's also given us a small peek into her massive lulu wardrobe with a picture of her CRBs, speed shorts, and personal favorite, her Stride Jacket.

1. What's your favorite piece of Lululemon? Hard question! My coal stride jacket.

2. Favorite color? Paris pink (even with the bleeding issues. There is a spot on my stairs permanently stained pink!). I also love the dark purples like potion, tender violet and deep Zinfandel.

3. What do you do for exercise? Before having a baby: running, yoga ranging from flow, hot and power yoga classes and home study, swimming, non-competitive soccer, alternating semesters of belly dance and pole dance classes, roller blading, dog walking, wii active in the winter, and hiking in the summer. Now with a 1 year old, I try to get out to run, take yoga once a week, walk the dog, short hikes and if she sleeps well a nike training club workout. I've also started biking as transportation. But mostly I'm chasing after the wee one. It's sweaty work!

4. Favorite item from this last year? Dance studio jacket in plum.

5. Any purchases you regret? Totally! The surf bonded stripe crb! I thought I would trash it breast feeding but I think it's so ugly/scratchy I don't wear it and probably lost it.

6. Favorite outfit? Casual: tech mesh tights with chai time pull-over, running: booby bracer, ls swiftly and speed shorts, yoga: astro crops, energy bra and crb.

7. Do you stay up for the weekly upload? Not since our "no lululemon in January" goal ;)

Leigh, thanks so much for sharing!! We are so envious of your amazing collection! 

Friday, January 10, 2014

Roy G. Biv doesn't live at my house.

I have shuffled my CRBs around a bit lately, and this is what I have right now. I've sold quite a few of them, and I'm waiting for some heathered or wee space colors to come out soon. I tend to stay away from blues and greens, and I just in the last month got a black and white one. Very boring, but practical. I wear one every single day. 
1. White
2. Mellow Lemon Ocean Stripe
3. Mint Moment
4. Heathered Wren
5. Wee are from Space Fossil
6. Black
7. Black Swan
8. Bordeaux Drama Tonka Stripe
9. Raspberry Glo Hyper Stripe
10. Wee are from Space March
11. Heathered Dewberry
12. Heathered Smokey Rose
13. Flare Tonka Stripe
14. Love Red Tonka Stripe

I wear Black Swan the most often, and Mint Moment the least. I'm too worried I'm gonna stain it!!

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Playground Chic

I broke out my Parallel Stripe WUC today! I wore my Ride On Henley with them, and my pink Asics. These crops make me so happy! I love that many little girls at the playground have on nearly the exact same crops! No one knows fashion like 3 year old girls. Pink and glitter. Timeless. 

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

We said "No Lulu in January", but what about Athleta?

Darn it, I got the new Athleta catalog today, and there are some gems in there! I have no idea how they would fit, but in theory they seem awesome. I want to try the Chat Crop in this crazy orange sweater fabric! And they are really trying to reach the Quiet Stripe demographic wth their amazing range of crops. I am almost ALMOST feeling like I can go over to the dark side. Have you guys tried these crops? Are they just like WUC? Also, this new collection from them is a major step up. The center of the catalog is a bunch of clearance from last year and it's so bad!! Let's hope they are leaving that paisley mess behind them. 

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Arg. Ok. I'm in too.

So I will also be taking a month off of buying any new lulu. Anyone else?? It's sorta safe, as I haven't been in love with any new colors lately. Didn't we see this palette last spring?

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Dwight, you're hilarious.

Just read this tweet and had to share!!

Track Attack!!

Heading out to the track in a few to run my kids ragged. Hoping that one spelt pancake doesn't make me burp all the way around the loop!! I'm wearing my Runday Crops, Dewberry CRB, and Run Turn Around LS in Plum. I haven't worked out officially for a while now, as my bootcamp is on a break. Looking forward to breaking a sweat!

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

2014 Wishful Thinking

I really do have all of the Lululemon I need, so for me to buy something new means that something old has to go to ebayland. These magical dreams could make me sell my most precious Lulu!
1. Run Turn Around Long Sleeve. This amazing reversible base layer RULU piece is a must own. Maybe a Must own multiples.
2. Wee are From Space fabrics. Come on! PLease!!! CRBS, WUC, anything. I adore this fabric, and the little snippets we've gotten this year did not impress.
3. Heathered Luon. It's been over a year since we've seen a heathered luon, and I wonder why they are holding back. I love these CRBs the best, and I'd love to see heathered army green, black swan, alberta lake, inkwell, charcoal...........
4. Groove Wunder Unders. All the glory of the best crops ever, with a slightly higher waist. Need.
5. A Maxi Skirt. Please! How amazing would that be? No foldover waist, no high-low hem, no nonsense. Just a long and simple skirt. In heathered green/grey luon. If you please.

That's my list. I love doing this blog! I love sharing it with Mer, since we're far apart in real life it helps me feel closer. And it's not a burden, cause I only post when I have something to say. Sorry if a few days go by in between. Thank you for reading, and Happy New Year!

P. S. Check it out! I'm doing a yoga pose IN yoga pants!! I know. I'm really good at it.