Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Flipping Dog Again!!!

Sorry. I just wear this top a ton. I love how Fatigue pairs with most everything. It's my favorite neutral! I wore my Bordeaux CRB and some AG jeans. And this is as dressed up as it's gonna get for a while!!

Friday, April 25, 2014


For class on Thursday I wore my Athleta chat crops, Power Y in Pop Orange, and Cadet Swiftly. I have a size 8 in both tops, and I really loved how they worked together. The Power Y held me in and was a little longer for coverage. The Swiftly was super breathable and not skin tight. I will be washing and wearing this combo a lot! 
I also wore my Rebound Racer Moving Comfort bra. That thing really holds me in!

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

I'm so fatigued.

Sorry for the lapse in posts! Easter weekend was very very busy. Back to the weekday routine today, which means bootcamp at 6:15 and lots of laundry. Fun times! 
I'm wearing a Power Y tank in Pop Orange, which is my first of this style of tank. I am very scared of the straps digging into my shoulders and neck, but so far so good. It's been 10 minutes. 
Also wearing my WAFS Fatigue WUC and Flip your Dog top in Fatigue. 
Hope you all had a super Easter weekend and didn't over do it on the candy. There were just a few meltdowns over here. 

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Early Morning Burpee Time.

I snapped this quick pic in my kid's bathroom (hence the toothbrushes) this morning after my bootcamp class. It was brutal!! I am still queasy from a stomach bug last week, and all of the up and down and jumping and running got me feeling, well , barfy. Not my best morning. 
But I feel better now! 
I wore my Skinny Groove crops, Cadet WAFS CRB, All Sport Bra in Inkwell/Flare, and also Beachscape BangBuster. 

Monday, April 14, 2014

Be Still.

I bought these Fatigue Still pants last week when they were marked down to $59, and I am so glad that I did! I always found the older style of Still pants too big- too much fabric, too stretchy, too shlumpy. These are so awesome in Full on Luon, and the fit is vastly improved. Too bad they are discontinued! I would grab a pair if you like to wear a more relaxed pant with a fitted tank for summer. I wore them today with a CRB and Heart Opener tank. 
P.S. These would be the most amazing maternity pants!! 

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Onzie! Review from Jels

I have seen Onzie on Anthropologie's and Nordstrom's websites, and they were so kind to mail both Mer and I an outfit to try out! Here is my review.

I chose the Capri Crop in Illusion print in size Large. The crops are so thin and silky, almost swim-like fabric. Although they are a print and thin, they aren't see thru! I wonder if I could have sized down, as the waistband was a little on the looser size. For me, I'd prefer a higher rise, as these were a little low and, truth be told, I do not have a flat belly. So it would totally work for those who enjoy a lower rise waist. The colors are super saturated and very unique. I did see a girl wearing these crops when I was down at the harbor this weekend, and they looked super cute on her! So it looks like people are taking notice of Onzie's awesome patterns and unique color combos.

For the top I chose the All In One Tank in Cali Palm/Black, also size large. The waistband is soooooo comfortable, and I love this print! The straps are small, so with my 36DD chest they started to dig in a little after while. But that is true for all skinny straps on me, not these in particular. This top would be awesome for hot weather, hot classes, or anytime when you want to feel the breeze while not baring it all.

The folks at Onzie also included their Elastic Tank Top, which is a One size Fits All piece, and both Mer and I are going to show you how it fit on our very different body types. I wore their Criss Cross Bra in Grateful Tie Dye underneath, and this pattern might be my favorite one in their collection! Love the faded turquoise and greyish purple, and it looks awesome peeking out from under most anything. As far as bras go, I'll be sticking to non-bouncy activities in it, as it's less support than I need for gym. The tank top feels like wearing nothing, and I love the giant elastic racerback! For me, the fit was looser in the underarm, as my chest filled out the looser parts in the front. I think it would look awesome on someone with a slightly smaller chest than me, as I love the drape on the models featured on their site.

All in all, Onzie is offering some very colorful and unique pieces, and I LOVE that it's all made here in the U.S.! Amazing. I love that someone a few counties south sewed these pieces. Pretty sure you're all gonna be seeing a lot of girls around town rocking these prints, cause we all want to wear fun clothes to sweat in! Thank you so much to Onzie for allowing us to try their brand out and share it with you.

Friday, April 4, 2014

Mer-i-cal Week!

We've been having such an amazing week with Mer here in Cali! Beaches, playtime, food time, it's been aweseome. Today we found so many pieces of sea glass, and she was so kind to snap a picture of my outfit. I had my Cadet WAFS CRB, Splendid thermal, Skinny Groove crops, and After Asana Hoody. I love this hoody! It's so flattering, and the thin French Terry is perfect for where I love. I think it's so perfect for a basic layering piece. I'm banking on this one being a workhorse in my wardrobe.