Sunday, December 30, 2012

Jels' December Roundup

Here is a look at my closet from this past month. I think it's so fun that you can sell what you don't love! Makes this expensive habit slightly less of a financial risk.

Bought/Received for Christmas:
Bang Buster headband in Shell Pink
CRB in Love Red Tonka Stripe
Run Full Tilt pullover from last year (eBay)
Define Jacket in Currant (eBay)
CRB in Beaming Blue
Wee are from Space Polo Crop ( stole from sister)

Sold on eBay:
Run Wild Pullover in Concord (too big, and the pocket placement was unflattering on me)
Active Strength Tank in Black (never reached for it, shelf bra not enough support)
Piqué Wunder Unders (too low rise)

I love eBay. I have a near perfect feedback score, but this past week I noticed that I got a neutral rating from a buyer who purchased a Swiftly Half Zip from me. They said it was "overpriced", but they were the ones bidding on it! I emailed her and asked why she felt like that and she said that she found a $20 tag from a thrift store on the shirt and was mad that she paid $57 for it. So she was mad that I sold something for a profit!? That's how the world turns! Are you mad at the grocery store for making a profit when you buy food? Sorry, I just needed to vent about that. Yes, my friend found some great stuff at a second hand store and I sold it for her. She made some money. Merry Christmas.

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Neutral Day

I tend to favor bright colors. They just make me happy! I loved Paris Pink, but after it dyed my baby's cheek pink when he fell asleep on me I had to return it all. Too bad, because now it is selling for totally insane prices on eBay. We lulu ladies are for real crazy.
I found myself wearing a rather toned down ensemble the other day and I thought I'd share. I love my Every Yogi long sleeve, especially the fact that it reverses to bold stripes! I'm wearing it (indigo side out) with my Wee are From Space Polo crops, Black Swan CRB, and Patagonia down vest.

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Favorite Workout Accessories 2012

I am a diehard fan of Mizuno athletic shoes. They are structured, supportive, and, most of all, colorful! These 3 pair have gotten me through the last 18 months, and I am always getting compliments on them!
My other must have for my very sweaty mornings is a Bang Buster headband. I have 4 of them, (violet, heathered porcelain, Bordeaux, and polar cream laceoflage) and they are all washed at least once a week! On days when I've run out of clean headbands, my eyes burn and sting from sweat! I am waiting for some good bright colors, as lately they have been a snooze fest for these guys. Black, indigo, grey, deep purple, enough already!! Bring on some lovely spring hues, pretty please.

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Cozy Wee Stripes

I love the amazing colors and textures in my wardrobe lately. Even these Polo Crosse WeeAreFromSpace black stripe crops are funky, while also being a great basic black. And I love the Flare color from this summer. Together this little stripey combo makes me happy. Paired with Uggs (7 years old! Come on and wear out already so I can buy a new pair!) and my black Scuba.

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Coulda Woulda Shoulda

I have been very underwhelmed lately by Lulu's holiday offerings, and it makes me look back and kick myself for passing up on a few choice items last year. If only I knew then that it would be my only chance! The one item in particular is the Run Turn Around Vest. Both my aunt and my cousin have it, and it is so light, soft, flattering, and reversible!! No amount of eBay stalking has turned one up in my size, though there is a size 4. That is, I you're willing to pay $220!! Yikes.
What is your "One that got away"?

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Lulu goes on a Date

Even though I'm heading out on a lovely date, I still, at my very core am comfortable. I have my CRB in Black Swan and Wunder Unders hidden underneath my Patagonia down vest, Icebreaker jacket, Inhabit sweater, and Odd Molly skirt. And don't forget the Frye Veronica Slouch! Fun times, here I come.

Friday, December 14, 2012

Guest Post! Meet D.J.

Blush orange and flash pink, I go with confidence rocking these colors. Color is what makes the world go around! I feel all tucked in and secure not having to fuss, pull or adjust anything. That is really the last thing I want to think about as I'm focusing intently on a client. It's all about them for that hour, not me yankin' up or down my clothes. With my big bag I'm able to fit my water, mat, two small medicine balls, bands, phone, and so easily. The bag is light weight and the coolest print. What am I to do with this lulu obsession? Well....Its my husband's birthday. I shall head to Lululemon and gift him with another pair of his favorite shorts!


I really don't feel like a grown up. Yes, I am married, 2 kids, house, ect., but I really don't FEEL grown up yet. I am thinking it might hit around 45, so until then I will wear what makes me feel young and happy. Like this outfit! Ride On Denim Crops, Flare CRB, J. Crew t and cashmere hoodie. I love love these crops. I have worn them when I bike, but mostly I love wearing them when I'm out running around. I love the button-up detailing, and I think they look cute unbuttoned as well. So happy Friday Christmas shopping to me! I started early. I kinda bought some Frye boots at 4 a.m. I am going to claim that I was "sleep-online-shopping".

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Scuba Scoop

I never really got the whole Scuba craze. So I passed up on all of the amazing colors and fabrics, and now they went and changed it! It's called Scuba Stretch, and it is a mega let-down. Shorter, thinner, no stretch panels for that classic fitted look, add up to another 2012 FAIL for our dear Lulu. I managed to find a black Special Edition Scuba from last year on eBay, and I have fallen in love. Too late for me! It's like a the tragic turn in a romantic comedy.
Anyway, clearly this thing is magical. I fell asleep tucked in the hood twice in the last week.
Listen up, Lululemon. Give the people what they want. Classic Scuba. Non of this "stretch" business.

Monday, December 10, 2012

Monday 6am Bootcamp, Post Workout

I am always on the lookout for a new and life changing bra. And I am really loving this Moving Comfort Rebound Racer Bra  I just picked up. I was always turned off by their name (kinda sounds like a maxi pad company) but they know what they're doing with boobs.
Anyway, I am wearing that bra, Wee Are From Space CRB, Pale Pink LS Swiftly, and always a BangBuster.
Post workout I am going for a walk and to the playground, so I chose my Bordeaux Dance Studio Pants, Flare Stripe CRB, and Angel Blue Energy Bra. It kind of give me "loaf-boob", but it is comfortable and good enough for walking.

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Saturday, 9am Bootcamp

Gather and Crow in black, Heathered Flash CRB, Black Swiftly 1/2 zip. Trying out a new bra from Moving Comfort today. I will report back!!

We all sweat. Sometimes it's when we're running. Or it might be when our kids start crying in the grocery store. Either way, we need clothing that looks amazing, stretches with us, and keeps us cool and colorful, no matter what each day brings. And most of the time, that clothing is Lululemon.