Thursday, October 29, 2015

The Good Old Days.

Scored these pretty crops on eBay for $25! They are Special Edition WUC with a little black ruffle right at the bottom. I miss these little fun details! 
Hoping we will see some things along this line soon.  

Also, the High Rise WUC are officially the best thing ever to put on when you're feeling a little on the puffy side. Everyone should have a pair! I have 3. Wait, maybe 4. 

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

I've Got Mermaid Legs When I'm With You.

I am in love with these!!! The textured luxtreme is one of my favorite fabrics, and the colors in these new Space dye twist cosmic teal multi Wunder Unders....... Wow. I really do feel like a mermaid.  If you are on the fence about these,  just give them a try.

Friday, October 9, 2015

Friday Deal Alert!

So I am a little obsessed with my Birkenstock sandals. I have been wearing them for 20 years (oh goodness, that's crazy) and while I love the amazing new colors and all, their popularity has made finding good deals near impossible! But today Urban Outfitters has 30% off sale, and 40% if you download their app! So I scored some new $160 sandals for around $80 with tax.

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Bruised Ego.

So excited that I scored these bad boys on eBay for $30 last week! Inspires are my hands down favorite crops to work out in, and I now have 4 pair. This is my only solid color, as my others are WAFS in various colors. Though these aren't the most flattering of all my crops, I adore the color and think that I can get away with them....... 
I am needing some new running shoes, but I just cannot handle shelling out $100+!! I have Nike Pegasus now. There are some Nike Frees on sale at 6PM that I like, but I've never tried them before. Does anyone have any suggestions? Are they too loosey goosey or is Free where it's at? 

Friday, October 2, 2015

Fox Lady.

Well, truth be told I only wore this for 20 minutes before I changed to go to the beach. But I wanted to tell you about the new-ish Circadion Tank! I bought it in black (sized down to an 8) and it is such a good staple. It has a very discreet black logo on the side, and I've worn it to church and out on a date. I love that it's not "workout" gear. Just a nice simple cotton tank that keeps its shape. I kinda want it in every color. 
I paired it with my High Times Silver Fox Stripe with flash zippers.