Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Title Nine, You Dirty Dog.

I will admidt, almost everytime I've gotten this catalog in the past I don't look through it.
This Title Nine Fall/Winter collection is kind of amazing! There are tons of things that I'd love to try on, and I'm sad they dont have a store near by. I don't like to tie up my funds with online purchases and returns ( I'm looking at you, Athleta!), but I might just have to order a couple of these beauties to try on.
Here are my Title Nine Picks:
1. Super Power 1/4 Zip Sweater.
Maybe it's the Norwegian in me, but this is just plain amazing. I love the color choices and I could imagine it looking super on all sorts of people. And what better way to break up a boring black color palette than with this shock of colors and patterns!
2. Wheels Whimsy Skirt
I think that wool is such an awesome activewear fabric, and I can see wearing this exactly like the girl in the picture. Layered over leggings with boots- too cute.
3. Dusk Till Dawn Baselayer
I can attest to the awesome powers of wool being a no stink fabric. I wore Icebreaker for my entire honeymoon in Italy, and it was perfect! So even though this is a pricey one, the colors are so gorgeous and you really could wear it all day everyday.
4. Flip Top Hydro Flask
My husband and I are always stealing this from each other! It is truly an amazing coffee cup, or for whatever else you'd want to keep crazy hot or super cold. Love that they are based in Bend, OR too!
5. 25 Hour Tight
You know I am a sucker for spacedye. I think it is so surprisingly flattering, and really helps hide imperfections. Ok, imperfections is a poor word to choose. Cause no one is without them! Hmmmm. How about this:
Spacedye leggings can help us be less distracted by our bodily insecurities and focus on living a happy life! Maybe an overstatement. But you get it.
Well, that's all from me here today. Please share with me if you've gotten anything from Title Nine that you love! They are really stepping up their game.

Saturday, September 26, 2015


I snagged this beauty on eBay, and I think that Beachscape is one of Lulu's strongest prints ever! It's so colorful and looks so unique. I wish I would have gotten the matching pants, but they sold out in a flash. 

Saturday, September 19, 2015


Just changed out of my shorts into my WAFS WUC in Fatigue. Today I wore shorts to my son's soccer game AND Trader Joes! Breakthrough. It helps that my legs have gotten super duper tan. Tan legs just have it easier. And mine need any break they can get!
Anyway, I went into Lulu last night and was very underwhelmed by their fall selection. Where is the excitement??? It was just a bunch of wine colored pants and nothing even tempted me. And I like wine colored pants! Oh well. My $$$ needs a break anyways. I bought an Aviator Nation hoodie and even though I got it on eBay it was pretty pricey. But if you love a thin vintage hoodie you have to try one!! They are amazing. 

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Back in the Hood.

A Sorry for my absence! I was on an epic road trip with my family all over the Pacific Northwest.
I bought this Scuba II (These are the last ones!  )in Iris Twist (or something like that) and brought it with, just hoping for a chill in the air. It was awesome! I love love love this pattern. I don't like Scubas usually, but this one I had to have. It was just too pretty. And the fit is better for me than my previous ones. This one is less bulky in the arms and fits better in the body. But really, it looks like a textile from South America! It's so unique and I plan on wearing it to shreds. It's sold out in almost every size now, but if you're a 2 or 4 I would jump on it. 

Thursday, September 3, 2015

Straight to Freedom

FREEDOM! I love this tank I just bought from Walk in Love. I got a size large and it's just the right amount of loose without being too billowy. I paired it with a white crb that is so faded and greyed out its embarrassing. Oh well. Also wearing my Straight  to Class pants. 

Wednesday, September 2, 2015


I adore Black Cherry. It might be my favorite non black option. It finally cooled down enough around here for my to slip these babies on. The Jet Slim is not the most flattering pant around, but it sure beats any sweatpants I own. If you've got hips (I do!) and you maybe passed on trying these on- give them a go! And demand that you pay $88, and not the new jacked up $98! Come on, Lulu!!!