Monday, October 28, 2013


I loved the Ride On collection that lulu did for biking. I have 2 pair of crops, the jacket, and the black Henley. I think that the ric rac trim and buttons really add some fun interest, and the cut and fabric choices made them very versitile. I'm wearing the Henley today with a Wren CRB and black WUC. Also, a scarf by Lemlem. Yey for scarf weather! Now I can rationalize the many that I have been buying. Seriously. Someone stop me. 

Friday, October 25, 2013

Crepe Break

We were out for a little sweet and savory breakfast this morning, and I looked down and my friend and I were total twins! Clearly, plum with crazy shoes is today's theme. 
P. S. I had the buckwheat crepe with Brie and carmelized onion and it was the best ever!

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Brighten my Day

Today I am wearing my Yin to You pants in  WAFS March, Scoopneck Swiftly in black, and an infinity scarf in pigment or royalty. I am so bad at styling things like scarves. I'm not a fussy person, so fussing with things drives me crazy! But I tried. 
Also, I hear that the Gratitude Wrap is coming back. I never understood this piece, as it looks like a cocoon and doesn't do a thing for my shape. I'm a Define jacket fan, and I also loved the Sing Floss Jacket. But for all of your Gratitude fans out there, it's gonna be an epic battle online to get your hands on this one! Last time they made these their website crashed. 

Monday, October 21, 2013

Post Bday Recovery

Well, I partied it up all weekend, so Monday is really taking me down a few notches. No wonder kids fall apart when their parties are over!
I'm wearing my Steadfast Crop in Black Swan with my Charcol Open Heart tank. I did cut the skirt off of the crops. It never really looked right under a CRB, and it was just a little too Ice Skater for my taste. I threw over a tunic by Ace and Jig and had my son snap a pic at the park. I told him that he did a good job, and he said "Thanks, but the camera did some of the work too."  He's six. What a goof. 

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

New Old CRB

I am off for a morning hike with 2 adults and 5 small boys. It's gonna be a messy and fun time! I'm wearing my new eBay find, a Heathered Wren CRB with my plum Energy bra ($19!!), black WUC, and WAFS April Stride jacket. I wish they would make heathered items again. I love that fabric! 

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Wiped out.

I am gonna be sooooooore. Our morning bootcamp took a little departure from the norm today, and we did a personal best challenge. It was 25 burpees, lap around the block. Repeat, 6 times. It was exhausting! But I am so thankful that I wore these older Luon crops and my WAFS Tank. The fabrics of these, while not the softest , almost lock together and keep in place while sprawling and jumping. At least I didn't have to yank my shirt down the whole time! These are the Bandah(?) Crop from 2011, and I love them! The seaming is so flattering. If you can find a pair on eBay I would highly recommend them. 

Friday, October 11, 2013

Flash Sale!

I was downtown in Santa Barbara today when is missed 2 calls from my sister. I called her back and she said that our lulu store was having a huge sale! I walked/ran the 2 blocks to find a better sale than I've ever seen at any lululemon store or warehouse sale. There was a huge rack of bras for $19 and a matching rack of pants and crops for $39. I kinda went nuts, but I didn't have time to try anything on, and I knew that my friends would pick over my leftovers! I'm so happy! My one friend has a birthday coming up, and she really wanted the Daily Bra. And $19 is an amazing price for the Energy Bra too!! I maybe got a couple of those. Anyway, I threw it all on my bed and took a pic to send Mer. So I guess I will share it with you all too!

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Second Guessing

On my way out the door this morning I remembered that the friend I was meeting had the same Ziggy WUC I was wearing! I didn't really want to be twinsies. I quick changed into some black Groove pants. I was overheating in my vest too, so I ditched that. I also wore my Plum Hyperstripe Run Full Tilt over a Smokey Rose CRB. 

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Too much of a Good Thing?

So I bought the Star Runner Halfzip in Plum/inkwell Hyperstripe online, and I love love the color. I really wanted the Run Full Tilt pullover, but my store didn't have my size, and the 8 was too tight for comfort. I was all set to rip the tags off of the half zip when my store suddenly had a size 12 on markdown. I tried it on, and while the 10 would have been perfect, this is still a good fit. So now I have 2 shirts in the same fabric, with slightly different purposes. I love the pullover as a nice but technical shirt to wear with jeans, and te Halfzip for the beach, walks, and everyday craziness. The bust seam on this one has been criticized, but I think that it almost helps minimize my mega boobs. And I love the kangaroo pocket. 
Am I nuts?? 

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Wearing Lululemon Whilst Pregnant

I have noticed quite a bit of discussion on the online (as my mom would say!), and I thought I'd throw in my two cents. Here are my top 3 reasons that Lululemon is practical maternity wear, followed by my top 3 recommended items.
1. It grows with you. Or, rather, it accommodates a fluctuation of sizes. It does a wonderful job of holding you in, and is forgiving as you gain weight. There is nothing worse than trying to cram a pregnant, tired, crabby, and emotional body into jeans. It's the worst. Don't try it. Lulu is your friend in pregnancy! 

2. You can sell it when you're done. When my sister was pregnant last year she lived in lulu! When she was done with the clothes that she'd purchased during her pregnancy she sold them on ebay. And made back nearly every dime. Amazing. What other brand can offer you that? All of the clothes that I wore when I was pregnant made me nauseous to look at. I had to sell! 

3. They bounce back. You would be amazed at how much abuse these pieces can take and still keep their shape! I have a CRB that is 3 years old, and I've breastfed in that thing hundreds of times. And the neckline still hasn't stretched out! 

 Top 3 Pieces 
1. CRB. Hands down. Best basic tank for pregnancy, and works great for nursing too. Just size up to gain length if you need it, or stalk the extra long ones on ebay. 

 2. Studio Pant. The waistband on these is so comfortable for a growing belly, and is great for afterwords as well. Also, it's nice and thin for when you get all sweaty!  

3. Any Astro waistband. Fold it down, or keep it up, this style of waistband can be found on pants, crops, and shorts. It's so important to let your belly be supported, and this does just that. 
 To all of you expectant mothers out there, be so thrilled with what amazing things your body is capable of!

Should I?

I have the Wee are from Space Run Inspires in my cart, but I just can't hit the button and go for it! Sheesh. I know I will be sad if they sell out. I love love love my Inkwell ones and I wear those every week, sometimes more. I wore them today to Bootcamp with my Mellow Lemon CRB, and it was quite a cheerful ensemble, if I do say myself. 
The only reason that I'm hesitating to order them is that I have quite a few pair of crops and I don't need them. Not even close to needing. 
But I want.