Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Mini Wardrobe Tour: CRBville

I literally wear one of these everyday. And if it's a day that I have class (3-5 times a week) then I wear 2! I have gotten the majority of these on sale or used on eBay. So no judgment please! And every time I buy a different style of tank I always end up selling it. The style of the Cool Racerback is classic, the fit is flattering, it wicks sweat, keeps its shape, and lasts for years. I have been collecting these for 2 years, and you couldn't pick out which one is 2 years or 2 months old. Here are the colors in my collection. Yes, I have a dozen.
Wee Are From Space March, Black Swan, Milky Way, Beaming Blue, Wee Stripe Surge, Menthol, Mint Moment, Quartz, Dewberry, Flash, Flare, Love Red.


  1. I like arranging my tanks by colour too! I like seeing the "rainbow" but it usually leads me to wanting the new shards!

  2. I'm going to lay mine out too! Pretty sure I won't have a rainbow but I'm curious how many I actually own...