Wednesday, September 4, 2013


So I am supposed to be saving my cash for the warehouse sale next Friday. BUT. But. I went with my mom to the store tonight and I tried these on. Oh my. This color, this texture, this fit- perfecto!! I got a 10, and they are super stretchy. Pretty sure you could size down if you feel the need to. The waistband is so comfy. Do you like them with the Hyper Stripe? That wasn't planned!!


  1. They look awesome on you! I'm trying to figure out what to get...wunder unders or will pants? I've only heard positive reviews for the will pants and so so on the the unders. Love the ziggy print and I should make up my mind as I know inevitably, they will sell out. Can't get both, too expensive as I've spent too much already. Whatsa a girl to do?

  2. I think that the Will pants are awesome, but I have larger hips and legs, so the pockets accentuate that. I also can't handle skinny pants. My calves need to breath!! But I love the fabrics that the Wills are in right now, so I wish they fit me.

  3. I love the pants and it looks awesome paired with the strips! great outfit idea! :)