Friday, March 7, 2014

All this Camo-tion

Oh my goodness. My sister went a wee bit nutty for CAMO! She had the crops and tank from the release two years ago, but sold them a while back. I think she regrets selling, cause she is going all out this time. Thanks for sharing, Bee! Just don't wear it all at once. 

Items are WUC, WUP, Forme, CRB, Flow Y bra, BangBuster, and Speed short. 


  1. Your sister is hoarding camo! I'm not a huge fan of this print but I can see the love for it from so many people. I bit the bullet and ordered the fatigue came crb on upload night. I'll be getting it today and decide if I keep it. Thought that was my only chance of trying it on as I'm quite a ways away from the 1 store we have in the city.

    Love your blog...look forward to your posts ladies!

  2. hahaha...too cute!

    I'm not a camo person, but this mini-collection is adorable!

  3. On an earlier post, you were hoping for the Swiftly LS Scoop in other colours......well, Australia's got the shirt in heathered Bali Breeze and heathered Vintage Pink. Hopefully we'll get these soon!