Tuesday, April 22, 2014

I'm so fatigued.

Sorry for the lapse in posts! Easter weekend was very very busy. Back to the weekday routine today, which means bootcamp at 6:15 and lots of laundry. Fun times! 
I'm wearing a Power Y tank in Pop Orange, which is my first of this style of tank. I am very scared of the straps digging into my shoulders and neck, but so far so good. It's been 10 minutes. 
Also wearing my WAFS Fatigue WUC and Flip your Dog top in Fatigue. 
Hope you all had a super Easter weekend and didn't over do it on the candy. There were just a few meltdowns over here. 


  1. Such a great outfit. Love the combo of fatigue wafs with pop orange. I certainly will have to keep that combination of colors in mind when I wear my fatigue wafs (which I love!).

  2. Yes, the pop of orange looks great with the green. I will also give that combo a try!

  3. Hope you like the Power Y. That style is my favorite of the Lulu tanks with built-in bras. I find the chest fits so snugly that the straps are almost irrelevant & I don't notice them at all.

    1. I was so shocked at how comfortable it was ! Perfect strap placement.