Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Bee Wild!

My sis is obsessed with the Free to be Wild bras! She wears one daily. Today she wore it under her Water Bound Singlet. This bra is so pretty, and such a good one for wearing under a looser tank. 
What is your favorite Lulu bra? I love the Energy bra, but it doesn't have quite enough support for me for running. I still haven't found my unicorn bra. The one that holds me in, separates, AND looks pretty. 


  1. I, too, love the free to be wild bra. I can only wear this and the regular free to be casually though, not for any type of jumping. I've got 'B' boobies and need support for my workouts. For running, I always reach for my lululemon all sports or rep 50 bra. They give me the best all around support.
    Good luck in your search for the perfect sports bra!

  2. love your blog!! i love the free to be wild bra too! mostly for yoga, for running i wear the free to be - i am a 32a, so it works out great - also love the energy bra for yoga and the arise... those are my fav lll styles. good luch on your search for your unicorn!!

  3. I love the hot spell bra. The FTB bra is beautiful but the back bottom strap is thin and digs into my skin uncomfortably :(