Tuesday, August 19, 2014


I was at Anthropologie and snapped a picture of myself in one of their beautiful mirrors.  I love that place. I wore my Daily Tank under an indigo dyed Gap tank, some AG jeans, and the same Frye boots that G was wearing in her pictures! I have them too. 
I wanted to do a post about my latest Lilu purchases, and how I liked them. So I'm going to be working on compiling a little list for you all. I've been selling a lot, so I've also spent a good little chunk. I didn't order anything today, tho I'm intrigued by the fabric of the new Skinny Will pants. 

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  1. Do not even think about it... get the new inkwell/black skinny wills!! They are like 2008 Lulu quality. They are so gorgeous and the fabric is thick & compressive, I just ordered a back-up pair! lol