Thursday, September 18, 2014


I am wiped out. This week of heat and wind and lots of sweaty hikes and workouts has me aching to lay down and watch Pretty Little Liars! 
Today I wore my new Billabong tank that I'm kinda obsessed with. I wore my Bordeaux Power Y underneath, and WAFS Fatigue crops. I also picked up this headband last week when Mer and I went to Lulu together (sniff). I miss her so much already!
Also, you all are cracking me up with the comments on our Double Unders question! I think maybe when reselling your Lulu you should say "no pets, no smoking, but I always go commando!". 


  1. Love the color combination. I would have never thought to pair my green wafs crops with burgundy, looks great!

    I know you've been in search of a supportive sports bra...have you seen or tried the 'boob wired bra'? This may be what you've been looking for?!

  2. I always thought the idea of buying used running shorts was weird because I assume everyone wore them 'commando'!! Thanks for bringing that up haha. Always been confused how anyone would buy them...?!?