Sunday, October 12, 2014

Nathan for You!

A lovely reader had commented a while back that I should try the Nathan Sport Wash Detergent. It's pricey, around $20 a bottle, but my clothes have started to really reek. I mean, really. My husband said "Wow, your workout stuff really smells! Wait, have those already been washed!?". Yes. They had. Today he went to REI and picked some of this magical solution for his stinky wife. And I am floored! Particularly, my Black Swan Crb has been smelly for months. And after one wash, it's
fresh and clean!! Hope this helps other sweaty ladies out there. This stuff is for reals.


  1. Sometimes TJ Maxx or Marshalls has this at a much lower price! That's where I bought mine and it really makes a difference...smells yuk when you pour it but it works. I have used it on a funky smelling top I got from ebay once and it worked too.

  2. I've been using that for the last couple of years. We run and my hubby is a heavy sweater. His stuff stinks. This usually does the trick.

  3. in the future, to prevent stickiness - what really has prevented stinking for me has been washing the clothes in the shower to rid them of sweat, hanging them to dry, then washing them with regular detergent (febreze sport tide works great). It's the mold that grows on the sweaty clothes that makes things stinky.