Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Happy New......

Well, clearly this whole holiday seasoj has been super busy, and I have totally let this blog take the back burner! But I have grand plans for the new year, so never fear. 
I am heading out to ring in 2015 in some Antro denim, Daily tank in Flash, Inhabit sweater, Fluff something vest (I wear one of the vests everyday!), Leigh+Luca scarf, and Gentle Soles combat boots. 
I did run into my local store today, and they are still adding to the markdown racks. But nothing for me. I was hoping for some CRBs or inspires. I have sold so many of my tanks and I am in "need" of a couple new colors. I really want Fuel Green! Did that ever come to the U.S. ?

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