Monday, March 30, 2015

Faster than the Speed of....

I picked up this Light Speed vest on markdown for $49 (wow!) and I wasn't too fond of the little cap sleeve. So I stitched it down! Problem solved. Also wearing my Skinny Groove pants and Birk. This vest if perfect for me, as I am always sweaty and moving and in need of pockets!! I went for a lovely walk last night and it was awesome to have a place for Kleenex, phone, and keys. I don't think I would pay retail for it, but for $49......


  1. I was wondering if you got your regular size. I saw in the reviews that some people were sizing up, some people down, and some people saying TTS.

    I think we wear same size, I am usually a 10, so was wondering what you thought.

  2. The vest looks great on you! I cant quite tell from the LLL site, is the zipper in alberta lake, navy or black? I love vests for running - coverage/pockets but not hot.