Friday, April 10, 2015

The Crops to Wear when you want to Blend In.

Not sure if I'm keeping them, but I bought these crazy Electric Coral Roll Down WUC!! It really is one of my favorite colors of all time. And these crops are GLOWING!! Really. If you're one to run in traffic these are for you. 
Has anyone else tried them? 


  1. I haven't but I am lusting after them big time. I can't decide if it's appropriate for for a 35 yr old mama'o'3 to rock them or not. They are super rad! You're making me feel empowered:)

    1. Well, seeing as how I am turning 35 this year, I would say GO for it!!!

  2. Do you find them see through at all? Is fabric thin? Love the color but dislike when every lump and bump is noticeable.

  3. I love them! If they're not sheer, I say keep them!