Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Back in the Hood.

A Sorry for my absence! I was on an epic road trip with my family all over the Pacific Northwest.
I bought this Scuba II (These are the last ones!  )in Iris Twist (or something like that) and brought it with, just hoping for a chill in the air. It was awesome! I love love love this pattern. I don't like Scubas usually, but this one I had to have. It was just too pretty. And the fit is better for me than my previous ones. This one is less bulky in the arms and fits better in the body. But really, it looks like a textile from South America! It's so unique and I plan on wearing it to shreds. It's sold out in almost every size now, but if you're a 2 or 4 I would jump on it. 

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