Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Bruised Ego.

So excited that I scored these bad boys on eBay for $30 last week! Inspires are my hands down favorite crops to work out in, and I now have 4 pair. This is my only solid color, as my others are WAFS in various colors. Though these aren't the most flattering of all my crops, I adore the color and think that I can get away with them....... 
I am needing some new running shoes, but I just cannot handle shelling out $100+!! I have Nike Pegasus now. There are some Nike Frees on sale at 6PM that I like, but I've never tried them before. Does anyone have any suggestions? Are they too loosey goosey or is Free where it's at? 

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  1. My 14 year daughter will only wear the Nike Free shoes. They seem to really last well so I am fine with that. She has two pairs at the moment. I switch around and currently have a new Adidas pair but I am easier on my shoes than she is since I usually only wear running shoes at the gym. We love Birkenstocks here too but since it is Canada, two pairs are all I have at the moment - most of our year is not sandal weather sighhh...