Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Layer Cake.

I haven't ripped the tags off of this Scuba III in heathered fatigue YET. Yet. I love this color, and it finally cooled off here in SoCal, and hoodies are my weakness. Seriously. I have a problem. 
I layered it over a Bordeaux Crb and grey Heart Opener tank. A tank with a jacket is my fav, as I overheat in a heartbeat. I am keeping this one at home to try out for a bit before I commit. Who knows what amazingness will be uploaded today!?


  1. I bought this same one a couple of weeks ago now. Love the colour and this one is soooo soft and comfy :)

  2. I was bummed to miss the fatigue on the daily, I prefer it so much more than the scuba. Layering is an art...you've got it down much better than I do!

  3. I found this scuba to be pretty soft and flexible and I am a sucker for anything fatigue. I was the opposite, I bought and ripped the tags off practically before leaving the store lol.