Sunday, February 7, 2016

Sis Pic!

Had a fun afternoon at the beach with my sister and our kids, and snapped this picture of her outfit- 100% Lululemon. Shocker!
We have a Rise and Shine jacket in Camo, High Times pants, a Traveling Yogini Rucksack. Maybe some of the best styles from last year! 
Do you ever go head to toe Lulu?? 


  1. I'm almost always dressed head to toe Lulu !!!! It's so comfortable!!!

  2. Yes! All the time! I had a friend recently ask me if I ever wear anything that isn't Lulu. I actually was sporting some yoga pants from Target with a jacket, scarf and top from Lulu. So 25% of my outfit was not Lulu. I do, however, often run around in 100% Lulu, and that's not a bad thing! Besides, I can justify the price when I wear it all the time!

  3. I do, but feel a little uncomfortable sometimes if all lulu. Nothing else seems to compare tho!! Keep posting, I love reading them! Thanks