Thursday, July 28, 2016


There are horrible rumors going around that the Cool Racerback tank is being phased out!!! Say it ain't so!! I literally wear 2 of these a day- one to workout, and one for the rest of life. Today I'm wearing one with a floral maxi skirt! I have a list of colors that I am kicking myself for not buying, and I'm heading to my local store later to see if they have any good colors on markdown. If you are a fan of this tank I would stock up asap!


  1. It doesn't make sense to me. CRBs are such a core style, and so many people love them. I'm like you and wear mine to work and work out. I have 22 so am pretty maxed out and don't need more though. But why doesn't Lulu fix things that aren't working (like the new version of Trackers that get awful reviews) instead of discontinuing favorites?!