Sunday, December 30, 2012

Jels' December Roundup

Here is a look at my closet from this past month. I think it's so fun that you can sell what you don't love! Makes this expensive habit slightly less of a financial risk.

Bought/Received for Christmas:
Bang Buster headband in Shell Pink
CRB in Love Red Tonka Stripe
Run Full Tilt pullover from last year (eBay)
Define Jacket in Currant (eBay)
CRB in Beaming Blue
Wee are from Space Polo Crop ( stole from sister)

Sold on eBay:
Run Wild Pullover in Concord (too big, and the pocket placement was unflattering on me)
Active Strength Tank in Black (never reached for it, shelf bra not enough support)
Piqué Wunder Unders (too low rise)

I love eBay. I have a near perfect feedback score, but this past week I noticed that I got a neutral rating from a buyer who purchased a Swiftly Half Zip from me. They said it was "overpriced", but they were the ones bidding on it! I emailed her and asked why she felt like that and she said that she found a $20 tag from a thrift store on the shirt and was mad that she paid $57 for it. So she was mad that I sold something for a profit!? That's how the world turns! Are you mad at the grocery store for making a profit when you buy food? Sorry, I just needed to vent about that. Yes, my friend found some great stuff at a second hand store and I sold it for her. She made some money. Merry Christmas.

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  1. I just love it when people act like you forced their hand bidding! Oh eBay I hate to love u