Thursday, June 13, 2013

We're Still Here!

I just wanted to post and say that both Mer and I have been wearing boring old outfits this week and are waiting for some new goodies to arrive in the mail! I have 2 pair of crops due any day now that I am very excited to get, both from eBay. I need to visit my local store, but the past few weeks whenever I popped in I was disappointed with the new merch. I do not golf, I don't dig for clams, and I am sorry, but Forme jackets are not Define jackets! I have been loving my new Groovy Stripe BangBuster, and I am hoping that they will get the CRB soon. I have never tried on a Power Y, as I have a rather large chest and little straps like that make me feel like I'm going crazy! I bought a mellow lemon First Base tank on markdown and it's the perfect length to wear with my Pacesetter skirt. I also needed a non Racerback tank, as my tanline is out of control. Yikes.
Anyway, I promise to post a new and exciting outfit soon!!
And please, if you'd ever like to share what you are wearing, please email us your OOTD pic and a little review of the pieces. We'd love to hear from you!

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