Monday, August 5, 2013

Berlei Electrify Underwire Sports Bra Review

I got this bra a few weeks ago, and I have worn it to bootcamp and on a couple of short 2 mile runs. Here are the pros:
1. Keeps them separated! Not a lot if sports bras can brag about that. But both ladies have separate sides, as this is a traditional bra in its structure. There is underwire, although it is also available without. 
2. Total coverage. I am always having to hike up my tanks to cover my cleavage during my workouts, but when I wear this bra the only thing that ends up showing is the bra itself. Good thing it's pretty. 
3. Bounce friendly! I have never felt so held in while jumping rope.

And for the cons:
1. The fit is very specific. I wish I could have ordered a variety of sizes and tried them at home. As it is, this one fits fine, but I am sure that I could have sized down. I am a 36DD and I ordered the 16D. 
2. Getting into this thing (while wearing the straps crossed) is like loading your breasts into a slingshot! You also may break a sweat. But when you're in, you're in. 
3. The seaming on the front does show thru my tank, and the fabric still shows headlights. 

All in all, I would definitely try another one  of their bras. They know what they're doing! I would probably shop regularly priced items and get the one that really suits my needs, as opposed to shopping the sales and taking a gamble. 
P. S. I am so excited about the lulu fall colors that are making their way into stores!!! Plum, here I come!


  1. Such a pretty bra, thanks for the review. Did you order through the company website, or other store?

    1. I ordered it from They have free intl shipping!