Friday, August 23, 2013

Running Crops Collection!

Here are my luxtreme crops:
1. Run Inspire Wee Space Inkwell. I wear these all the time because they're a fun non-black crop that isn't crazy loud. I save crazy loud for my shoes, tanks, headbands......
2. Run: Stay on Course Crop in Black Embossed Glacier. These are sooooo thick. I can't wear them a ton in the summer, but they are so perfect for every other season (so cal season, that is.). I love the little ruffles and zippers! They are pretty high waisted, and I wish I could have gotten my correct size (these are a size up). But rather a little too loose than too tight. 
3. Run in the Sun in Dark Coal. These are perfect for summer! The ruched mesh on the sides is awesome, and the zippered pockets are very practical. Gotta love the pretty waistband too!

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  1. Thanks for the shot out in the links section.

    LOVE LOVE LOVE those inkwell WAFS crops....favorite LLL item ever!