Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Wheelbarrow Races

Today I went to my friend's Pilates/plyo/cardio class, and it was super! We all bring our kids and take over a tennis court, so it's enjoyable for our kids and an awesome workout for us. At the end we did wheelbarrow races and my sis and I took first! I wore my Flash jacket (blanking on the name), Wren CRB, and Runday crops. Afterwards my sis and I hit lulu, but I didn't find anything I needed. Then I came home and saw pics of the Traveling Yogini bag in Camo with plaid lining, and I am in looooove! Me wants. 

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  1. I have that jacket in purpley blue. I can never remember it's name, but it is my favorite running jacket ever! Breathable and stretchy! I never overheat in it, and it is great for my Pacific Northwest weather. I'm an avid runner too, and I have a whole new respect for you guys in the Midwest and Northeast who are persevering through all the snow and cold temps! We had one day of snow last weekend.

    I just discovered your blog! Love it! Thank you!