Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Wee are awesome.

I ran into the store today to see if they had any new fun items. I love me a Wee Space fabric, and since the WUC have that horrible dark crotch stitching, I got a headband in the fabric, just so I have a little something. I also picked up the Swiftly tank in the Spacedye Cadet blue, which is so so beautiful!! I tried on the ombré crops, but they did me no favors. Here is the headband in natural light. I think this color is fleshy enough not to work in large areas, as you'd look naked from a distance, but I love it for bras and headbands. My sister and Mer both got the Camo BangBuster, so I will resist it, for fear of looking like we are all enlisted. We love the camo!!

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