Monday, May 5, 2014

I no like the matchymatchy.

I got ready for class and totally by mistake I was matching from head to toe! It was all Cadet and Pop Orange. I had to take off my headband. It was just too much. I don't know why, but I love unexpected color combinations, so too much repetition is not fun for me. I love on What Not to Wear when they talk about colors that "go together". I hardly ever wear items that truly match. 
I wore my WAFS Inspires, and I just love these crops. They are thin but not see thru, and the color is not crazy but also not boring black. I wish I would have gotten them in Plum too! Also have my Power Y in Pop Orange under my Cadet Swiftly Tank. And tho these Nikes are pretty, by the end of warm-ups my arches are KILLING me! I need to get some new shoes. At least, that's what I'm telling myself. 


  1. I'm like you exactly. I avoid any of the matching this to that across the board. I think it's so 90's when I see people match their bag to their belt to their shoes. It's unnecessary and very uninspiring. My husband points out my color combinations when he sees my outfits but I know he likes it:)

  2. I know this comment is kinda late, but.... I was in lulu and trying to decide if I should get the petit fleur nice asana on MD, and the Ed asked if I had anything in the print already, and I do have wuc in the same petit fleur denim...but quickly added that I would never wear them together. She laughed and said there are tons of older ladies who always buy the whole outfit. They seem to want the entire "suit", bottom and jacket! I did buy the jacket, but promise never to pair them up!