Friday, June 6, 2014

Breaking Wee News!!!

I found Bruised Berry WAFS Run Inspires today!!! And bought them. I love this crop. Super thin, very flattering, and the right length for my legs. I haven't seen pictures of this item yet, so look for them in your local store! 
P. S. Stopped by Lorna Jane to try on a few things, and was very unimpressed. Lots of seams that aren't flatlock stitching, see thru crops, and too many slogans. The styles and colors just didn't wow me today. I tried some things on when they first opened here about 8 months ago, and didn't like anything then either. So I guess it's just not for me. 


  1. You guys always have the best blog entry titles.
    Love the inspires, only crop I run in. Cross my fingers I can snatch a pair.
    Love the blog ladies!!

  2. oh i saw these in store today as well - soooo pretty!! i only run in pacesetter skirts until it's freezing, then long tights... i was so tempted to buy these just to wear b/c they were so cute!! i agree with kath - your entry titles are awesome and so is your entire blog!!

  3. I saw these in my store and had to try them!! Unfortunately I thought they had too much white in the wee stripe. If there was more purple I might have liked them more

  4. 100% agree on Lorna Jane - very copycat LLL but sub-par quality and so many slogans , just no. Loving the bruised berry immensely - wishing I had an endless bank account to support the love!

  5. Thanks for the blog love, ladies! I guess all of my hard work in creative writing is finally paying off.