Saturday, June 7, 2014

Bruised, Barely.

I took my new crops to Krav Maga this morning. BRUTAL. It had been 2 weeks since my last class, so I am sure that my sweat was extra smelly. I also wore my Black Swan CRB, and new Merrells that I got at REI on sale. I love these shoes! They are awesome for any sort of mat/mixed classes where your doing cardio as well as sparring, ect. Also they are super pretty. Never hurts to have colorful shoes! 
Have a super weekend! I'm off and running. 


  1. They look great on you!

    I made a new year's resolution for this year to only make only one purchase of one item a month with Lululemon. Well, it's June and I haven't started yet...

    1. That's funny! I was ready to take a Lulu break after their weak collections around Christmas, but they are really steppin it up. And I think that all of us that love the Wee Space fabric are showing up in droves, cause they keep cranking it out and I keep buying it!

  2. These look great. I have inkwell wee are from space inspires from last year and am not sure I need these, too...(do I ever really need lulu?)

  3. Lol@Kathy, I made the same resolution, and I have failed miserably!!! Maybe next year (since this year is already 1/2 way over, haha!)