Sunday, June 28, 2015

We Made WAY Too Much.

Wow. Left the outlet empty handed for myself, with a $19 City Skirt for my sis. Seriously, the entire store was full to the brim with everything that's been on markdown the last 6 months. And aside from some weekend specials, nothing was cheaper than the online price. The line for the dressing rooms is crazy town, and after wasting time standing in it I walked away. They also had the Miss Misty for $39, but I already passed on this one once, so I decided against it. Honestly, I think in-store sales are way better. Or just buy something full price if you love it!! 
There's my 2 cents about the Outlet. 


  1. Agreed! I can never find anything at the outlets, its usually the colors that never sold or styles no one wanted... the men's section does tend to be ok, it never seems as picked over.

  2. But Miss Misty for $39!! I would have scooped that up.