Monday, July 6, 2015

My Case for Owning 15 Cool Racerback Tanks.

So these are my CRBs. I wear one every single day, some days two! They are my hands down favorite item that Lululemon makes and I am always buying and selling them to refresh my little obsession. If you've seen my collection posts before you'll notice I no longer have a rainbow of colors. Things are more subdued. Also I often buy them when they're marked down or crazy cheap on eBay, so many of these weren't my ideal first choice, but have become near and dear to me. Here are the colors:
1. Mellow Lemon/Ocean Stripe
2. Deep Navy
3. Lullaby Blue
4. Bordeaux Drama Tonka stripe
5. WAFS Jeweled Magenta
6. Muted Mauve
7. Twin Stripe Violet/inkwell
8. Capillano Stripe
9. Black
10. Gator Green
11. Heathers Wren
12. Heathered Coal
13. Cool Mint
14. Mint Moment 
15. White 

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