Saturday, December 26, 2015

My Almost Boxing (Day) Match

I knew that this year my local store was going to really go all out for Boxing Day. Multiple employees had told me, so I was ready to burn thru some gift cards and Christmas cash at 9 am when they opened up this morning. I found regular priced items that I adored, as well as the Bark Berry Baserunner pants. I tried on the pants, even thought they were a size up, and really liked them! Being the last pair of that color I knew that they were going to be marked down. So I asked a manager if they would be.
NOTE: This manager has not been very nice to me in the past. Not really sure why.
So, she says "No, these are the most popular style and they wont be marked down soon."
I get in line with my mom and as I am waiting I see her with those very pants. Hmmmmm. Where is she going with those?
Sure enough, she marked them down. And hung them on the sale rack. And didn't tell me. I walked over to look and see what she'd marked them at after I paid. I didn't buy them, even thought I really wanted to. How Mean!!!! She'd rather be rude and unkind to a customer AND loose a sale? Wow. Maybe she had a crappy Christmas.
In other news, I bought the new Strap It Like It's Hot bra, in black, and I LOVE it! Holds me in loads better than the All Sport or the Energy. I think it's my new favorite.
And I maybe picked up the & GO 'Til Dawn dress. Just to see!!!! And obsess over because it is amazing. I sized up to a 12, as the 10 was tight in the bust on me. It is truly beautiful. Such a flattering shape, and perfect for so many things!!!!
Hope you all are having a happy weekend! Don't punch anyone on Boxing Day. 


  1. That's so sad that this happened to you!
    I love the dress too! I wish there were more colors offered for that dress, I would have loved a black grape one, or even brighter colors, I love colors and I'm kind of sick of the black, grey, bordeau drama! I need colors :)

    1. I always have such bright hats, jewelry, scarves, ect., so a black dress actually helps tone down my color crazy wardrobe! But I think black grape would be an amazing option for this one.

  2. I'm so sorry for that experience. Unfortunately I have had similar stuff happen at brentwood and santa monica, CA.
    What can I say? They are having crappy days and feel in control by making US feel bad.

  3. How rude! I picked up some goodies in WMTM but wanted so much more. Good to know about the new strap it bra. Might have to try it!