Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Runnin' The Bases

I snagged these Black Grape/Swan Baserunners last night at the store!! And they only cost $10! Well, not exactly. But I had a pair of Groove pants hemmed last week and when I tried them on one leg was an inch shorter than the other one. And since they are sold out of all size 10 black Groove pants (it's a crisis!) they just gave me $98 towards any pant. So now I am as cozy as a Rulu bug in a rug. And those these aren't the color I wanted initially, I do adore this one and I'm super happy. 
I just read that a Lulu outlet just opened up in Camarillo- how am I just now hearing about this!?! Not that I think the outlets are great. I haven't seen much there that I'd ever want. But fun to check out! Have any of you been there?  Who knows, maybe it's a good one!

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