Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year to ME!

I did a little shopping this morning. Giftcards tend to burn a hole in my pocket pretty quick, so the fact that I had one for a whole week without spending it is a small miracle. I used some Christmas cash from my in-laws to buy myself some new shoes! Bootcamp is starting back up in a few days, and I need to be ready. I love these Mizunos ( as I have said!) and they are crazy expensive normally. I found these on sale at the Footlocker near me, and it was my first (and only?) purchase ever made there. But for 35% off, and the colors I love, I "needed" them.
My other purchase was the Not so Basic Gym T in Flare. I love that color, and I need a layer to wear to my workouts so I am not showing so much cleavage. I have tried some Gap wicking tees, but they did nothing and bagged out to look very sloppy. So I am excited to use this one ASAP!

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