Tuesday, July 23, 2013

CRB Closet Tour, Take II

I wear one of these everyday, sometimes two! Here is what my collection consists of right now: 1. Bordeaux Drama 
2. Love Red Tonka Stripe 
3. Wee Are from Space March 
4. Flare Tonka Stripe 
5. Heathered Flash 
6. Heathered Smokey Rose 
7. Wee Are From Space April 
8. Heathered Dewberry 
9. Wee Are from Space Fossil 
10. Wee Stripe Surge 
11. Beaming Blue 
12. Heathered Menthol 
13. Mint Moment 
14. Mellow Lemon Ocean Stripe 
15. Black Swan
 Hmmmmm. I think I like coral and pink. Not a very well balanced rainbow! But it works for me.
These are all the same size, but they do very in fit. And every color feels different, the heathered ones being my softest ones. I wish they would do more of those!


  1. LOVE to see CRB collections! I wear mine daily too : )