Wednesday, July 3, 2013


I love these Inspires!! Wee Stripes are my fav, and I love the indigo blue with the Bordeaux drama CRB. Topped it off with Gap T that is covering up my bra straps. I am still struggling to find a supportive and comfortable sports bra that doesn't squish me into a boob loaf. I was researching what sports bras Serena Williams wears and I might want to try one of those. They are by Berlei, an Australian brand. Do any of you have any opinions about this subject??


  1. I have a "moving comfort" sport bra from Mountain Equipment Coop, I don't love it, definitely a boob loaf, but it does the trick. I also have a Donna Karan 35137, and it's not pretty, but lifts and separates, is comfortable and gives good support. I also have a Natori underwire that works pretty good, but i find it really itchy so i rarely use it. Lululemon's TaTa Tamer is so far my favorite for my DD's...I don't even know I'm wearing it once I start running.

    If you end up trying the Berlei, please review it. They look really pretty, but I'd have to do some research on the sizing.

    1. I am going to order one tonight! I also have a few by Moving comfort and a Tata Tamer, but I have issues with them all. So I continue my Quest for the Bra of Destiny!