Sunday, July 21, 2013

Rant. Kind of.

I started getting the Athleta catalog a few months ago. I didn't ask for it, but I didn't ask for most of my mail. Anyway. I am trying not to be a snob and give other companies a chance. So I look thru it. I cannot find anything that I need, but more than that, I cannot find anything that I like! Why is that? The prints are very dated, the colors don't really pop, and the way that the models are styled is "meh". I just don't dig it. Yesterday they (Athleta) emailed out their Sale alert email. So I will admit to wasting 15 minutes of my day paging thru their sale. Nothing. Am I way off, or are they just not that good? I mean, basic leggings that things like that are hard to critique from just a picture, but it's the way that everything is presented that is just not my cup of tea. So this is my pledge. I will no longer look at their website or click on their emails. If something amazing is available from them, then I hold you all responsible for alerting me to it!


  1. Can I get an AMEN!

  2. I actually prefer Athleta to Lululemon, especially in light of LLL's quality issues these days. Plus, Athleta gets a thumbs up for shipping to FPO which LLL won't do.

    Most recent purchase, the tangram crops in the black/purple print (very similar to LLL's wee stripes). They're my favorite crops to teach and take class in right now, flattering, not sheer in the least, and so far wash and wear well.