Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Still Here!

So sorry for the lapse in posts, but life has been nutty at my house! We still have 2 weeks left on our kitchen (hopefully!), so that has thrown a wrench into our routine. 
I ordered this Velvet brand tank from last week, and I love it! It was on sale for $16, and it's perfect to layer over a CRB (today I'm wearing white) and black WUC. I'm hoping to run into lulu today to check out the new Studio pants in Fatigue. I adore cargos, and I still have some from Abercombie from a million years ago. So these look like a very practical choice for me!! I think army green looks good with nearly every color. 
Did you all order anything? I am also dying to see what else comes out in the new Wee Space color!! Love it. 

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