Friday, October 11, 2013

Flash Sale!

I was downtown in Santa Barbara today when is missed 2 calls from my sister. I called her back and she said that our lulu store was having a huge sale! I walked/ran the 2 blocks to find a better sale than I've ever seen at any lululemon store or warehouse sale. There was a huge rack of bras for $19 and a matching rack of pants and crops for $39. I kinda went nuts, but I didn't have time to try anything on, and I knew that my friends would pick over my leftovers! I'm so happy! My one friend has a birthday coming up, and she really wanted the Daily Bra. And $19 is an amazing price for the Energy Bra too!! I maybe got a couple of those. Anyway, I threw it all on my bed and took a pic to send Mer. So I guess I will share it with you all too!


  1. Right now I'm wishing I lived close to a store, online shopping only is no way to live for the sale section.

  2. Same thing at Beverly Hills store.
    Also crb's and many tanks.
    I went crazy too!
    Daily bra, Ignite bra, power y, and ta ta tamer in a nice purple/indigo weespace. (not ugly colors like in WMTM!)

  3. I am so so green with envy I cannot contain it!!

  4. Funny thing...I had boycotted the Bev Hills store since last year when a pompous salesboy ( when I asked where the sales rack was ) replied, We sell out all of our merchandises, we don't have sales. HA! well guess what, I just happened to walk in yesterday because I had an appointment close by.....and there is a $19 sales rack!
    I'm sure they got rid of that boy ambassador.
    I did get a ebb to street tank for full price $58.....and kinda felt ripped off that I just bought other items on sale for $19!!

  5. WOW!! that is awesome!! good for you!!! i'm tempted to go to a few nyc stores today and see if they are having similar sales!!

  6. Great score of stuff! It seems that US stores have amazing sales, wish we had sales like that her in Vancouver.

  7. Wow, you are so lucky. I noticed that they let you have the tags. At our store in Canada, they don't let you have them. They cut them off right in front of you saying that is store policy.

    1. I live in Canada and have purchased mark downs from Lululemon. They have never cut my tags off any of my reduced items.

  8. I spy lots of stuff I paid full price for. O.o Good job on the sale!!