Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Wearing Lululemon Whilst Pregnant

I have noticed quite a bit of discussion on the online (as my mom would say!), and I thought I'd throw in my two cents. Here are my top 3 reasons that Lululemon is practical maternity wear, followed by my top 3 recommended items.
1. It grows with you. Or, rather, it accommodates a fluctuation of sizes. It does a wonderful job of holding you in, and is forgiving as you gain weight. There is nothing worse than trying to cram a pregnant, tired, crabby, and emotional body into jeans. It's the worst. Don't try it. Lulu is your friend in pregnancy! 

2. You can sell it when you're done. When my sister was pregnant last year she lived in lulu! When she was done with the clothes that she'd purchased during her pregnancy she sold them on ebay. And made back nearly every dime. Amazing. What other brand can offer you that? All of the clothes that I wore when I was pregnant made me nauseous to look at. I had to sell! 

3. They bounce back. You would be amazed at how much abuse these pieces can take and still keep their shape! I have a CRB that is 3 years old, and I've breastfed in that thing hundreds of times. And the neckline still hasn't stretched out! 

 Top 3 Pieces 
1. CRB. Hands down. Best basic tank for pregnancy, and works great for nursing too. Just size up to gain length if you need it, or stalk the extra long ones on ebay. 

 2. Studio Pant. The waistband on these is so comfortable for a growing belly, and is great for afterwords as well. Also, it's nice and thin for when you get all sweaty!  

3. Any Astro waistband. Fold it down, or keep it up, this style of waistband can be found on pants, crops, and shorts. It's so important to let your belly be supported, and this does just that. 
 To all of you expectant mothers out there, be so thrilled with what amazing things your body is capable of!


  1. I would definitely have to agree! CRBs are my daily essential, mainly because they are so perfect for breastfeeding. Also, the Astro waistband was a dream postpartum as your belly is shrinking and noting else fits right. I would definitely recommend those two staples to anyone who is pregnant or a new mom!

  2. I lived in my xl crb, every yogi tank, NLT, stride jacket, studio pants and still pants. I bought some regular size, and some a size up. I started selling on ebay and regretted it! I miss my bold stripe deep indigo crb. Most fit, the ones that don't are in a box if I choose to have another. It's also nice the baggy look is in so I can still wear the every yogi tank - it fits like a 105 singlet now. My groove pants and scuba (with the stretch panels) took me almost all the way to delivery as well.
    Swiftly's are great as they stretch, look okay stretched out, and help so much with the excess sweating!! When I realized they were about $10 more than a maternity shirt, I stocked up.